21st Jul2018

‘Impact Slammiversary 2018’ – Preview & Predictions

by Nathan Favel


The following is the prediction column for this years Impact Slammiversary pay per view, which takes place this Sunday.

Match #1: Tessa Blanchard vs. Allie – Knockout’s Match

Pretend you have a crystal ball and you can look into the future. Who has a brighter life ahead of them in IMPACT Wrestling, Tessa Blanchard or Allie? We should get our answer when they clash Sunday at Slammiversary. Make no mistake about this match, it is very important. The winner will not earn a championship, but they might win much more if their hand is raised at the conclusion of this match.

Allie is a 2x Knockouts Champion, she found her way despite being different, despite being an outcast. Allie was nice. Nice doesn’t do much in wrestling. It is those who aren’t afraid to step on toes who usually succeed in our world. There is only room at the top for so many and Allie was looking for friends, it took the demise of her best friend to wake Allie up in IMPACT. Tessa Blanchard did’t need extra motivation, she is mean. She doesn’t care that she is mean and she is unapologetic about her attitude. Tessa is different. Tessa might just be the future. So it all goes back to who is willing to do the work and perhaps celebrate alone. They say being at the top is lonely and we don’t think Tessa minds that loneliness at all, she would be comforted by holding the Knockouts Title and sleep just fine at night. Can the same be said for Allie?

My thoughts: This could be a good match, depending on the length. Tessa should get the victory, but they could go with Allie for the “happy” moment.

Match #2: The Latin American Xchange (Santana and Ortiz) w/Konnan vs. The OG’z (Homicide and Hernandez) w/ King (Eddie Kingston) – 5150 Street Fight for the Impact World Tag Team Championships

This will be an epic showdown. This will be a battle unlike any other and these two teams are ready to go to war! It is LAX lead by Konnan vs. the OGz lead by King! Battle lines have been drawn and we have heard from everyone. Now the only thing left to do is fight over the most prestigious tag team titles in wrestling! Who leaves with the gold on Sunday? It will be a 5150 Street Fight for the ages!

My thoughts: This should be a fun brawl that gets the current LAX the victory.

Match #3: Matt Sydal vs. Brian Cage – X-Division Championship Match

“It isn’t about limits, weight limits or restrictions. The X-Division Championship is about no limits, about breaking down barriers and showing the world what we can do.” That has often been the answer when someone asks the question, “what is the X-Division?” The X-Division is all about defying the odds and showing off incredibly athletic individuals. The X-Division has produced some of the greatest Stars in the history of IMPACT Wrestling, it has become a cornerstone of IMPACT Wrestling. Now, it might all change. One man might just redefine what the X-Division is all about and that man is Brian Cage. Brian Cage burst onto the scene of IMPACT Wrestling and simply devoured human beings. Cage beat Lashley… Twice and beat EC3 so bad we haven’t seen him since. Brian Cage has not been pinned and he has never submitted.

Does that mean that Matt Sydal should just hand the X-Division Championship over to Cage? No, but Sydal better realize what he is up against on Sunday. Brian Cage isn’t just looking to redefine the X-Division, Cage is looking to redefine IMPACT Wrestling, brick by brick. Cage might be superhuman, we still aren’t convinced he isn’t an X-Men and Cage has done incredible moves in every single match he has had on IMPACT.

My thoughts: This could be the sleeper hit of the card, although I hope Cage doesn’t start calling it the Weapon X division if he wins the title, which might be the way they go with the booking.

Match #4: Eddie Edwards vs. Tommy Dreamer – Hardcore Match

Eddie Edwards has lost it and he proved that on the final IMPACT before Slammiversary. Eddie is a tortured soul who is looking for any excuse to create violence. Sunday night it will be Eddie Edwards vs. Tommy Dreamer in a House of Hardcore Rules match where basically anything goes.

My thoughts: This will be one of those garbage matches that has lots of Kendo Stick shots and trash can lid smacks. Eddie will sell for every-thing and should be booked to win.

Match #5: Pentagon Jr. vs. Sami Callahan – Mask versus Hair Match

My thoughts: This could be a really strong match, as long as it is kept to being a firm wrestling match. I am going with Pentagon shaving Sami, as some-one on one of the web-sites claimed to that Pentagon has another Mask match at Triplemania after this match with Sami, which can’t happen if he loses the mask here.

Match #6: Fenix vs. Johnny Impact vs. Taiji Ishimori vs. Rich Swann – International Four-Way Match

How does an athlete prepare for a match like this? Four men in the prime of their careers looking to be the one thing that everyone is talking about at the end of Slammiversary will compete in one match on Sunday. An International 4 Way. A car crash come to life, sky divers without parachutes to protect their falls and dare devils who will look to out duel their opposition.

My thoughts: This could be quite the spectacle if given the time, but I think it will be a rushed mess, albeit an entertaining one that Impact wins. I heard Rich is injured, so he might get replace for Sunday.

Match #7: Su Yung vs. Madison Rayne – Knockout’s Championship Match

This Sunday the Knockouts Title will hang in the balance as Su Yung defends her coveted Championship against a 5x Knockouts Champion in Madison Rayne. Su has started the mind games and the question now is, can Madison Rayne recover in time for Sunday? Also, with one IMPACT to go before Slammiversary, what will Su do on the final night before the Pay Per View?

The Knockouts Championship is the prized possession in a Division that really cemented itself early on as the place to be for a female wrestler. The Knockouts have more than once been the Main Event of IMPACT Wrestling and have more than once stolen the show on a Pay Per View. The time for talk is over come Sunday and we will see if the tactics of Su Yung will have disturbed Madison Rayne enough or if Madison Rayne’s focus will remain strong. The anticipation has grown, the energy is starting to pick up and these two Knockouts will do battle on Sunday. The question is, who will leave with the title?

My thoughts: This will be a solid match that Yung wins. I hope they give this some extra time so it can be a real title match.

Match #8: Austin Aries vs. Moose – Impact World Championship Match

It is the richest prize in all of IMPACT Wrestling. The World Championship. It was born in 2007 and the first Champion was Kurt Angle. Angle also holds the record for most Championship reigns at six, but Bobby Roode held the title for the most consecutive days at 256. Austin Aries is confident and seems set to be World Champion for a long time, perhaps even looking at the record of Bobby Roode as a benchmark that he would like to surpass as Champion. Moose wants to be World Champion so bad he can taste it.

My thoughts: This will be a pretty good match that sees Aries retain in anti-climactic fashion, or Moose winning in very clumsy fashion. I really hope I’m wrong and that this is the match of the year, but Impact has disappointed in many main events over the years, so we’ll just hope this one is on the other side of the coin.


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