19th Jul2018

What Do People Think About Free Games?

by James Smith


The popular sentiment that “there is no such thing as free lunch” has been reiterated time and again to convey that there are hidden costs or tricks with anything that is free. In a gaming world, such slots are in every way alluring. With a click of a button, one is able to access tons of games that fit the bill.

The excitement spikes when the free slots have brilliant graphics and very captivating features. More thrilling is the virtual world of fantasy where unlimited prizes are won, and this is extended to the possibility of challenging another player. Even though you are conservative when it comes to free things, the specifications of the reels and the fun therein will inevitably dilute your resolve. You can have a glimpse of such beautifully designed free slot games provided by Microgaming at top online casinos offering such opportunities.

Free Games, Free Problems

Such games have been a subject of discussion due to the dangers they pose to society. By virtue of the slots being free, one is able to engage in such games as many times as possible. However, assuring this distraction is, the resounding impact cannot be brushed off. Addiction to free games has been flagged as a huge concern among gamers who can pay a dime just to enjoy this thrilling activity. With the onset of social media, your scores, invitations and opinions on the free games can be shared, and in effect, gaming activities increase. It is no doubt that regulators have reaped the benefits of the gambling problem by imposing taxes to curb the spread of the addiction.

Your Real Money Is Untouched

Captains of cost-free slot gaming have, however, shared different sentiments on the vitality of these games. This is due to the lower risk that the players, identified with such games, allow for entertainment without placing their stake at the hands of the gambling house. Games of nocost have also been instrumental as a distraction tool to gambling using real money. This is especially the case with players who play for the thrill of winning huge prize payouts. Rather than engaging in real money online casinos, such players use the free platforms to indulge in the thrill without touching their accounts. When adrenaline rushes in, and the urge to gamble is relentless, then this distraction is quite fulfilling.

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

On the flip side, however, gaming at no cost is seen as a clever way of marketing to players. Most of these platforms require one to open an account by simply giving out their email addresses. This provides an avenue where the gaming company sends news and market other eye-catching games to the player. The futility of playing without being charged a penny is seen where one cannot have access to advanced features without paying. Membership subscription is seen as a scheme as more features are developed, and the mode of accessibility is limited to upgraded members. On having you engrossed by engaging in the free games, subscribing to this upgrades are not an option in its entirety.

Great Prospects Go Unfulfilled

Given that the technology used in developing charge-free slots is the same as that for real money slot games, the promises of unpaid gaming are viewed as enthralling. The jackpot prizes at the end of gaming, coupled with the bonus rounds, extra spins, multipliers on the marked prize and the wild symbols will lift your hopes up on making phenomenal winnings. With doubled free spins and huge pools of money in special rounds, you will be lured to depositing real money and obtaining the projected returns. These dreams are, however, short-lived, whereas the game does not give such payoffs, and huge losses are realised.

An Avenue for Practice

Although the shortcomings of the free slots are heavily scrutinised, it is the sheer importance of practising strategy that has elevated the relevance of the game. By trying out different strategies with the public platforms, one is able to learn the loops of the recreation and make amends. By doing so, you are able to smell losses from afar and convert negative payoffs to positive ones. The best part is that if there is no strategy that the players deem best, then the game can be aborted all in all without any major losses being suffered.

The Randomness of the Outcome

Other sentiments shared about cost-free slots include the randomness of the outcomes associated with a certain event. The uncertainty that follows on playing a couple of rounds without being able to gauge the outcome of your moves correctly makes players shy off. This is not an exception with the freeware games. This randomness is registered as a gullible way to make proceeds, and they would rather not engage in a game that they do not understand, however free it is. To be cautious of such an outcome can only be seen as natural as then, no assurance is given on the outcomes as some players note.

Bottom Line

Charge-free slots are quite the thrill and fantasy as far as gaming is concerned. Although opinions on the matter are diverse, the platforms provided are quite entertaining, and the lower risk with the stake is non-existent.

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