13th Jul2018

Opinionated: Run, Daniel Bryan, Run!

by Nathan Favel


The following is an open letter to Bryan Danielson, currently working for the WWE as Daniel Bryan:

Dear Bryan,

Get the hell out of there! Are you nuts?! The WWE run worked for a while, but it seems that it has just about run its course. You’ve had some great matches and made some great friends, while even finding a wife and gaining a child, all from your time in the WWE. Now, get the hell out of Dodge.

How long will it take for Vince to lose his nerve and put you back on shelf at the first sign of trouble? You can’t avoid aggravating your old head wound forever and when it looks like your health can become his doom, he will throw your ass under the bus faster than you can say “Two of the members of Badfinger shot themselves”.

When you first got retired, you couldn’t find any major wrestling pundits who would dare to say that you got shelved because Vince didn’t want you screwing up his plans for Roman Reigns any-more. While I do sincerely believe that Vince didn’t want you to get another concussion, the fact that some-one like Vince McMahon didn’t derive some pleasure from not having you (and the crowd) prevent him from pushing his people any longer, is likely to be not true. I mean, if you could have one of the biggest stars in sports at your disposal, but not have to worry about what to do with him in consideration of any-one else, is a neat problem to have. The fact of the matter is, is that you have reached your limit on what you can do in the WWE.

It was a great idea in 2009 to try out for the league, and while the gamble paid off, you’re at the point now where you are very much in danger of losing your pot on the next roll of the roulette. All it would take to derail your career would be for Vince to declare you too hazardous to your own health once again and then, not only would you be back on the shelf, but getting work any-where else would be that much more difficult.

Every-one always talks about their dreams, but very few people talk of their reality. You’ve always been very candid about your life. If you are half as insightful as you seem, then I’d guess that you’ve already been considering whether or not to re-sign with the WWE. The only thing I can remind you of that most folks won’t is that the money Vince will dangle in front of you like a golden carrot is very tempting, but not worth the risk you would still find yourself in working for him. You’ve made a happy buck or two from Vince and there’s no reason to forget that you can’t make a few more from another promoter. You’ll get to work less dates and won’t have to argue why with any-one, all while being at home more often with Brie and Birdie. How many working men can say they make full-time money while working a part-time schedule? Don’t be afraid to walk away from the big time and don’t worry if Vince misses you, because it’s probably just your merchandise revenue he’s crying about. Make a bet on yourself and return to where you started, because it might just be where you belong.

Sincerely, Nathan Favel

P.S. – If none of that convinced you, then here’s this: If you leave the WWE, you can finally shave that beard off. Hell, you can do that damn Mask vs. Hair match for CMLL. I’d do it if my hair wasn’t gone on account of that lawn-mower (close shave my ass).


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