10th Jul2018

Interview: Rahel Kapsaski talks ‘Spidarlings’

by Philip Rogers

Spidarlings is a new body-horror punk rock musical which makes its Blu-ray release on July 10th, 2018. I got a chance to the actress, producer and make-up/effects artist Rahel Kapsaski a few questions about what attracted her to the film, what makes the film connect so well with the audience and her character Matilda.


How did you first get involved with the film Spidarlings?

I knew about Spidarlings since Salem [Kapsaski] first started writing the script in 2011. Salem eventually asked me if I would like to play the role of Matilda and of course I happily accepted.

What originally attracted you to the film?

I’ve been involved with it not only as an actress but also co-producer, special effects and makeup artist from the start of the production. I loved Salem’s vision, script and characters and simply everything about it, so it was an amazing journey being part of this film in so many aspects.

What can audiences expect from the film?

An anarchic, punk rock surrealist horror musical liked no other!

As a punk rock horror musical, Spidarlings is not a mainstream film but it has been extremely well received by the critics. What do you think makes the film connect so well with the audience?

It’s a film that beautifully blends various genres and therefore can be loved by many.  It’s so much more than just a Punk Rock Horror Musical, it speaks to the LGBTQ community, lovers of comedy and campiness, fans of John Waters, Fassbinder and David Lynch. Its musical numbers composed by the wonderful Jeff Kristian are the kinds you hear once and get simply addicted to! It’s beautiful set design created by Gabriella Kapsaski makes it look like a million-pound production besides the limited budget we had. It’s funny, scary, sexy, has a strong social, political and feminist message. It’s simply unique and has something for everyone! It’s a film people either love or hate (luckily most love) and it’s certain it will grow in time to become a true cult classic.

What preparation did you do for the role?

Salem gave me a lot of creative freedom for the development of the character. Not only in terms of how I want to portray it and act it our but also for the creation of Matilda’s look. A lot of preparation went into the styling of Matilda with her girly pink dresses, extensions and sometimes over the top make up.

Can you tell us a bit about your characters in the film?

Matilda is a person which if you would meet in real life you’d think is quite bitchy, arrogant and not very bright. Beyond the exterior she tries to portray though she is a very strong, caring and gentle soul. She is going through a difficult time in life and struggles in her relationship with her girlfriend Eden (Sophia Disgrace) who financially depends on her and facing eviction by her landlord. Resulting that she works nights in a job that she hates. She does not express emotion easily and is often quite harsh on Eden but deep down really cares for her and fights for her relationship.

What was it like working on the set of Spidarlings?

Definitely one of the best experiences of my lifetime. No two shooting days were ever alike. Sometimes it could get very hectic as we were sometimes a really small grew doing the job of dozens. I would apply someone’s else make up, while preparing some special effects at the same time and then also concentrate on my role. It’s the many wonderful people who I got to meet and work with who made this experience truly special. Many of my scenes were together with co-star Sophia Disgrace who played Eden. We had a very natural chemistry between us

What was one of your favourite scenes during filming?

My favourite scene of the entire film of course was when we were shooting with Lloyd Kaufman who played Mr Banner the owner of a mysterious store where the girls buy the tarantula from. It was the first time I met Lloyd who had been an idol of mine forever, so this was very exciting. Lloyd was absolutely amazing to work with.

Another memorable day was working with the Japanese Hentai artist Toshio Maeda who played the “Tentacle Master”. He was simply wonderful. Plus, a large part of it was to get the special effect of a giant slimy tentacle attacking me while lying on the floor with my legs raised up. How much better can it get!

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to get into acting?

I’d say anyone who goes into acting must do so purely for the passion and love for it. Everyone knows it’s a tough business. I have met actresses in drama school whose ideas on acting was that they will get a boob job and will break into Hollywood.

Hardly anyone has an easy break and gets discovered overnight. It’s a constant struggle and be prepared to start out doing it for no money and long working hours. But it is worth it if this is where your heart lies at.  I’d say go out, audition to as many parts as you can even if you start out in minor roles in short or student films. Get connections and support film-makers within the industry. Love what you do because being part of making films is truly magnificent.

Spidarlings is available to buy on Blu-ray now on Amazon.


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