29th Jun2018

‘Lucha Underground’ Review (June 27th 2018)

by Nathan Favel


Here’s your Lucha Underground Season 4, episode 3, review for Wednesday June 27th 2018:

Match #1: XO Lishus beat Jack Evans

Regularly known as Sonny Kiss, this was XO Lishus’s debut. With a vibrant personality and a buoyant move-set, XO took on Jack Evans, one of wrestling’s best aerialists and all-around fighters. Evans was a heel here, which never seems to be the way the people want him, but Lucha Underground isn’t very flexible in the way they book their faces and heels, so its just some-thing he’s stuck with. These two matched up really well, Evans leap from corner to corner like a maniac and XO bouncing around like a peacock colored pin-ball. I’m glad to see that LU doesn’t have a problem with putting over new stars on the first night, especially ones who look like Vince McMahon’s worst nightmares come true. Hopefully, XO will be getting all of the attention he needs to continue his wave of momentum into the future, because he seems to have a lot of potential. As far as wesling goes, once both of these guys slowed down, Evans took over with… rest holds. Oh yeah, wrestling doesn’t get any better than… rest holds. Fortunately, Evans’s violent back-massage offense made XO’s finisher, the X-Factor, all the more exciting.

Match #2: Main Event – Mil Muertes w/ Catrina beat Jeremiah Crane and Fenix w/ Melissa Santos – Three-Way to the Grave Match

It’s matches like this that make you want to give Vince a call and, like that dink in the tweed suit from the “Enchantment Under the Sea” at the climax of “Back to the Future, tell him to “listen to this”! Since it would be an old phone, though, Vince wouldn’t be able to see why Lucha Underground has such a high success rate with Casket Matches and his WWE doesn’t. At one point in the match, Mil Muertes bent the casket. Yeah, a grown man bent a casket… with another man’s body. I’d hate to piss Mil off, even while he was asleep. Fenix was the star of the night with his performance, which was a myriad of dives, leaps and jumps that made his body look like an array of speeding bullets that even Superman wasn’t faster than (if you’ve never seen the Max Fleischer “Superman” cartoons then that joke is about as useful as a lottery ticket to a corpse). Crane (Sami Callahan) has been wrestling’s most controversial figure this year, with nearly gauging Eddie Edwards eye, or so it seemed any-way, as well as playing the part of a violent sociopath in response to what happened. Crane was like the agent of chaos in this match, who was doing every-thing he could to destroy both of his opponents (maybe they made fun of his hair-cut). This bout broke out all over the arena and led to utter mayhem, with cross-bodies from the top, pile-drivers on the casket and even a Frankensteiner that would make Scott Steiner proud/pissed that he didn’t get to do it. After it was all said and done, Mil got the victory and, apparently, killed his enemies in the process. Lucha Underground should specify if these guys are dead or not, since they’ve killed other people already.

News of the Night:

  1. Johnny Mundo and his Worldwide Underground faction want revenge on the Reptile Tribe. I say just turn the heat down and and just put a “kick me” sign on them while they sleep, so when they wake up, people will kick them in the ass.
  2. Ricky Mundo has an evil, talking doll, for some reason. Maybe, Ricky can take the doll to MGM and get a horror franchise started… or a fetish video.
  3. Brian Cage beat the hell out of Pentagon Dark, so as to declare his intentions to win the Lucha Underground Championship. That being said, Cage did not say, “please”.
  4. Ivelisse beat Jeremiah Crane into the casket with a hammer to eliminate him from the casket match. If Ivelisse had worn an Eddie Edwards shirt while whooping Crane around like he was in a Bob Villa blooper reel, could you have called that cross-promotion?
  5. Antonio Cueto gave Matanza the “Key to his Soul”, so he could kill his spirit and become a true monster. What a prick.

Final Verdict: Tonally, Lucha Underground is always all over the place, but when it does the wrestling part right, which happened tonight, then all the malarkey just melts away. The main event was the best match of the night (there were only two).

I’ll see you next week with more Lucha Underground.


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