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‘Ring of Honor’ Wrestling Review (June 24th 2018)

by Nathan Favel


Welcome to this week’s Ring of Honor review. I’m Nathan Favel and we’ve got some great action ahead of us tonight. Let’s jump right into the fray at break-neck speed (not literally, it’s just a television review… I probably didn’t need to say that).

Match #1: Jay Lethal vs. Chuckie T (Chuck Taylor)

This is my own personal dream match, among others. Lethal just received a great compliment from Kevin Sullivan, comparing he and Jay Briscoe to people like Terry Funk, Dusty Rhodes and all the greats of the age, a sentiment of which I absolutely agree. I think Taylor has been doing really well since coming to ROH and has been making great strides in the way he carries himself. From the ring of the opening bell, these two guys made good on what is actually the first singles match they’ve had against each other by going for the jugular. Lethal looked like a true star right from the start, as well. The competitors agreed to the Code of Honor. Lethal got a wrist lock to start and locked it on for about a minute, until Taylor reversed it into his own wrist lock, which was broken by a Snapmere. T got a standing head-lock which led to a run/jump sequence. Lethal got hip-tossed out of the ring. T got an Octopus stretch variation. T landed a drop-kick and lost a two-count attempt. T pressed out of ring and Lethal did a dive to the outside and a second to keep his opponent down. Hell, he went for a third dive on T and landed it. Lethal lost a two count. Lethal hit a back-breaker to T. Lethal threw chops in the corner to T. T got control of the fight. A series of countered atomic drops led to both fighters taking each other out. Eventually, T got up and hit his recovered opponent with throat jabs. Lethal and T battled to the outside. T hit a cutter on Lethal to put them both down. Lethal got back in the ring first, which got the referee counting all the way to nineteen, when T got back in. Lethal got a super-kick that led to a two count on T. This match was pretty damn good at this point. Lethal called for the Lethal Injection, but went for some stomps instead. Lethal went to the top turnbuckle, but aborted in favor of hitting the Lethal Injection of a recovered T. An Enziguri led to T getting the power back in the bout. Chuckie T went for a cutter but Jay Lethal reversed it into a Lethal Injection for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Verdict: This was an excellent match that had no non-sense and lots of solid action. There was a good foundation of logic here that could always be more detailed, but it got the job more than just done, regardless. Both men came out of this better than when they came in, so this was a definite success.

Match #2: Main Event – Punishment Martinez & The Briscoe Brothers (Jay and Mark) vs. The Bullet Club (Adam Page & The Young Bucks [Matt and Nick Jackson] Six-Man Tag Team Match

Building off of the Briscoes attacking the Bullet Club over many weeks, we’ve got a good old fashioned grudge match to review. Before we start, don’t forget that Punishment is locked in a feud with Adam Page, so that should make mark here tonight. The Bucks and the Briscoes are at each other’s throats from the opening bell. Lots of wild kicks all over the place have practically booted the rules out of the building. The crowd was practically convulsing over the Bucks. Hell, Hot Topic is too. Martinez, who continues to be wrestling’s biggest surprise of the year, took a dive off of the top turnbuckle that got the crowd to gasp. Martinez went for a table and threw a Buck on it. Jay and Mark battled Nick and got bested by the lone fighter. A chair shot brought the bout back in the favor of Dem Boys, who did a great elbow dive onto the prone Matt Jackson, who was still laying on the table like a slab of meat. Martinez bludgeoned Matt with his massive knee until the latter saw stars. Page and Martinez hacked away at each other until Page got the best of the behemoth. Page got a Briscoe in the Fire-Man’s Carry, but it was broken by the other Briscoe. Page fought off Martinez and went to the top turnbuckle to land a direct hit on the Bulet Club’s foes. Martinez thrown into the middle of the ring where the Bucks hit a two man splash and Page got a back-flip on his limp body. Page got a lariat off of the ropes on Martinez, which got Nick a chance to land a spinning knee splash off the top turnbuckle. Every-body was exhausted by this point, which is normally what happens when you beat the hell out of one another. The Bucks hit a super-kick to get the fight flowing back their way. Jay dodged a lariat from Page and got a double team move with Martinez from the top turnbuckle. Martinez stomped the hell out of the Bullet Club (maybe he saw a bug). The crowd was really happy with the match at this point. Mark kicked Matt and got on the turnbuckle. The Bucks reversed with numerous super-kicks, but the party was broken up by a Jay Driver from the eldest Briscoe, who lost a two count thanks to Page. Eventually, Nick got the win amidst another wave of mayhem.

Winners: The Bullet Club

Verdict: This was an explosive main event that managed to whet the appetite of any-one who loves a good old-fashioned throw-down. The Bucks are on another level and the Briscoes aren’t very far behind. I wish the WWE could have main events that were have as interesting.

News of the Night:

  1. Dalton Castle came out and gave an excellent promo with the Boys. Castle attempted to use a pretzel to make his point about being a great champion, but he just went for the standard declaration of perfection that is typical, yet the best way to go. It’s remarkable to think that a man who was a walking gay joke (and not the good kind) just a few years ago has made the transition to being a serious champion.
  2. Jay Lethal has made a challenge to any and all wrestlers he has lost a fall to since losing the ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship. Lethal’s goal is to beat every former opponent so as to regain his momentum towards becoming the number one contender to the aforementioned strap of gold. I love that idea. This is classic pro wrestling booking at its finest. Also, I sound like a prick in this paragraph.
  3. Ring of Honor ran a nice series of quick vignettes that summarized the appeal of Best in the World very well.

Final Verdict: This was a two match show on a night with two matches, so this was a resounding success, as far as action. As a final pitch for Best in the World, this was a good attempt, but it needed a little more pizazz to seal the deal

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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