22nd Jun2018

When is an app not an app? Top mobile games to play straight from the browser!

by James Smith


The types of apps that you can download from the app stores are getting broader with every passing day, but there is one sort that stands head and shoulders above the rest. A quarter of all apps downloaded are games, while the next most popular category has less than 10 percent of downloads.

Mobile gaming isn’t just big business, it is a whole new leisure sector. As smartphones get smarter and ever more ubiquitous, there are mobile gamers from every background and age. That’s well and good, but it’s worth keeping in mind that not everyone has a gaming phone, or a brand new piece of technology with acres of space for downloading megabyte-thirsty games. Does that mean they can’t join the mobile gaming revolution?

Fortunately not. Even if every app you download to your creaking smartphone means removing another one to make space, there are some great games out there that you can play directly from your mobile browser, without a download in sight. Here are some examples of the best.

Old School Classics

If you were around at the dawn of mobiles, there are two games you will have fond memories of. Snake actually dates back to the 1970s, but became best known as a preinstalled game on a whole slew of Nokias at the turn of the millennium. Today, there’s no download needed, and Snake 3310 will have you reliving your youth.

Another classic is Tetris. Rotate the blocks to make rows, and try to keep your head as they fall steadily faster. It’s as addictive as it ever was, and there are several free to play versions available online.

A choice of casino games

Everyone loves a night at the casino, and these days, many people choose to play online from the comfort of home. In its Bovada review, Online Casino BlueBook points out that this is one of the most mobile friendly online casino options out there. It also reviews a whole lot of other sites, so there are plenty to choose from.

As for the games, there are even more options online than in a real world casino, so whether you are into roulette, blackjack, poker or slots, you’re certain to find something to your taste – and all without having to download a thing.

Sport Games

There are some fantastic and realistic sports games out there if you have the space to download them and the time to dedicate towards developing your skills. Golf Star is a prime example, but it’s very heavy and complex.

For simple, pick up and play fun, there are some great no-download sports games to choose from. Minigolf is a game that is stunning in its simplicity. Alternatively, fans of indoor sports might prefer to try out Speed Pool King, where the aim is to pot balls against the clock, or Classic Bowling, where you can enjoy all the fun of the bowling alley, but without the smelly rental shoes.

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