22nd Jun2018

Nerd Buy: Funko’s new ‘5 Star’ DC figure series

by Phil Wheat

Funko have announced the release a new line of figures titled 5 Star – beginning the new Pop-esque line with a new series of 3” figures inspired by your favourite DC characters: Batman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, The Joker and Poison Ivy. The 5 Star line retains the same personality and style of Funko’s popular Pop! with the added benefit of having three points of articulation so you can pose your figures as you play!

If you’re going to save Gotham City from Batman’s many arch nemeses, you’re gonna need a supply of weapons and gadgetry. Fortunately, the 5 Star figures each come with accessories including the character’s iconic weapons and gadgetry. The Dark Knight comes equipped with a Bat-Signal and Batarang while Batgirl is armed with a communicator, Batarang and grappling gun. Unfortunately, the Super-Villains are equally well-equipped, through their weapons might serve as a better reflection of their unique personalities than tools to defeat the Dark Knight. Harley Quinn has a mallet, pop pistol and photo of her beloved J Man. Her beloved, The Joker is armed with dynamite, a phony gun and walking stick. And Poison Ivy essentially comes with her own nursery including a red rose, carnivorous plant and perfume bottle. They’re the figures you need and deserve, wrapped in stunning window display box packaging that helps tell the character’s story.

Check out the line-up of launch DC characters below:







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