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‘Ring of Honor’ Wrestling Review (June 10th 2018)

by Nathan Favel


Welcome back for this week’s Ring of Honor television review. I’m Nathan Favel and we have a tag team main event with the Briscoes and a major announcement from Jay Lethal that should yield exciting results for ROH’s next PPV. With the introductions out of the way, we can get to the action!

Match #1: Johnathan Gresham vs. Flip Gordon

JG is one ROH’s best technicians, while FG seems to be working his way towards becoming one as well, which was evident by this match. A collar and elbow lock led to a fun flip and duck sequence that kicked of the fight. JG chopped FG like it was going out of style, until he could lock in an Octopus Stretch that he would hold for a minute or so. As FG did a good job selling the submission hold, JG transitioned into an Abdominal Stretch. FG attempted a counter into a hip toss, but JG blocked the move. Gresham dominated the fight until Gordon rammed him out of the ring, which Gordon followed with a swift dive to the outside. After battling back into the ring, the fierce competitors engaged in a chop battle that slowly morphed into a fore-arm fight. This match started to feel more like a ROH bout at this point. JG gets a standing head-lock on FG, but finds his offense reversed into a suplex. Flip Gordon lands a Pele Kick, about as good as AJ Styles could do one, and launches off the top turnbuckle for a flying Stunner for the victory.

Winner: Flip Gordon

Both of these men looked great here, with Gresham feeling more and more like a true shooter all the time and Gordon becoming a thorough athlete in every way possible. This was a pretty damn good opener. This fight is worth your time.

Match #2: Kelly Klein vs. Deonna Purazzo – Women of Honor Match

In a bout built on hatred, DP fights in street clothes, perhaps meant to be a sign she is out for blood, or some-thing like that. Klein suplexed Purazzo on the outside of the ring, which set the stage for what kind of bout this would be. For a long time, this was nothing but brawling. Finally, after a thousand years of punches, DP got a Three Amigos on KK. KK retaliated with a Back-Suplex. DP recovered from KK’s suplex and hit a Brain-Buster. Deonna locked Kelly Klein in a modified Cross-Face. DP chops the life out of KK. KK’s Head-Scissors got her an Abdominal Stretch on DP. KK goes for a Bull-Dog in the corner but gets blocked by her opponent. The two wrestlers brawled to the top of the turnbuckle and plummeted to the mat in a spectacular sight. When KK gets to her feet, she attempted a Fire-Man’s Carry on DP, but is blocked. KK gets ran into the referee, by accident. DP got a Stunner for a two count. DP applies a Fujiwara, but has her submission move countered, by KK, into a choke, which gained Kelly Klein the victory.

Winner: Kelly Klein

This was a good brawl with some wrestling peppered in for flavor, if you like. I wasn’t sure if this match was meant to be a Street Fight or not, since Deonna was dressed in her civilian attire. Klein still wrestles like a shooter, which will take her far, if she continues to apply her personality to her fighting, like she did tonight.

Match #3: Main Event – Roppongi 3K (Sho & Yo) vs. The Briscoes (Jay and Mark Briscoe) [Champions] – Ring of Honor World Tag team Championship Match

BB jumped 3K to start this fight. BB has come a long way as heels, with a blend of the sadistic and the insane in every-thing they do. 3K, as you’ll find here, have massively improved to become on eof the best teams in wrestling today. These two power-house duos brawl like hell and made no attempt to portray this as an even contest, yet. 3K took over the match and hit some great tag team moves to bring us back down to Earth. BB hit an Irish Whip into a leap sequence. 3K were really keeping up with the BB’s at this point, showing great cardio and the promise of tremendous stamina in reserve. Mark gets a Steiner Recliner on Yo. Yo escaped the Steiner Recliner and fired a Neck-Breaker on Mark to even the score. Sho tagged in and got the Three Amigos on Mark with help from a Yo Super-Kick. Mark recovers and dives from the corner to land a vicious Lariat on Sho. Jay tags in and gets a top-rope Suplex on Sho. Mark made an illegal Power-Plex on Sho from the top turnbuckle. Sho kicked out of the BB’s offense at two. Yo stops the BBs from getting a two-man Power-Bomb on Sho. Mark successfully fight of a melee from 3K. After knocking the BBs to the outside, 3K did a double dive to the outside on the ROH tag champs. 3K hit their finisher on a prone Mark back in the ring and got a two count. Drop-Kicks from 3K lead to a Super-Kick attempt from said challengers to the champs, but when a chair got thrown into the ring by Jay, the concentration of the challengers was lost. The champions tossed a low-blow to their challengers and snuck a victory under the referees nose, which led to a title retention.

Winners: The Briscoes

News of the Night:

  1. Bully Ray attacked Flip Gordon while pretending to have respect for the young athlete. Ray has been great since his return and makes for a potential career-maker for Flip, who has been progressing as more than just an aerialist for some time.
  2. Jay Lethal’s announcement was that he will wrestle Kushida at Best in the World, in a rubber match. These two have wrestled each other at BITW 2014 and BITW 2017, with each man getting a victory. This match could become the big hit of the card, if they get enough momentum during the bout.

Final Verdict: This was a good evening of fights, with the opener as the best encounter. Roppongi 3K looked right at home in Ring of Honor and I hope we see more of them soon. The Women of Honor division keeps getting better and has a lot of promise.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week.


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