11th Jun2018

Back This! Special – Ethel: A Short Film

by Kevin Haldon


Alzheimer’s is a horrendous disease that is unfortunately very common amongst the elderly.. There is a chance that most the people reading this post know someone or have a family member close to them dealing with Alzheimer’s… It’s a disease that is often overlooked in the mainstream media and not best represented! Director Jonny Wright and the guys at Three Wise Monkeys hope to show you a movie about the effects with their beautiful, passionate and important short film Ethel.


Ethel is a short film that aims to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease and also engage a younger audience. The film is based on a real life event that happened to the writer/director Jonny Wright. An event so powerful it burnt into his consciousness and developed over time into a gritty and grounded drama, starring Miriam Margolyes as Ethel. We hope to help promote a charity, The BAT Foundation, that helps people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s through Table Tennis therapy.

The Crew:

Johnny Wright – Jonny founded and ran a production company in his hometown of Leicester, called 151Films, from 2010 to 2014. Specialising in music videos and corporate videos (NHS, Virgin Media and Aurum Holdings). While running his video company Jonny would also freelance in television. Rising quickly in his chosen field Jonny then moved up to Producer Director with his first film being an authored piece once again for BBC3 “Britain’s Most Wanted Motorcycle Gangs?”. Which saw Jonny gaining the trust of a subculture known as Bike Life. His first single camera documentary went on to become one of the most viewed documentary on iPlayer in 2016.

Patricia Rybarczyk – Working with a range of budgets, Patricia has overseen projects through every stage of production from development to post on a wide variety of genres, with stars such as Steven Berkoff, Alan Ford, Julian Glover, Mark Hamill, Jean-Claude Van Damme to, most recently, BAFTA nominee Timothy Spall. Furthermore, she has produced alongside partners such as Oscar winner Martin Scorsese. Feature films include the highly anticipated sequels to the successful Bonded By Blood, Rise of the Footsoldier and We Still Kill The Old Way.

Sacha Bennett – Sacha has over 28 years of experience in the film industry, both in front and behind the camera – but his true passion is directing, and is currently in post-production on his 8th feature film having delivered Tango One for Universal. Directing projects range from music promos (including Queen’s Flash Gordon Remix, which was number one in 18 countries); short films (the multiple international award-winning Devilwood, starring John Simm, which has been optioned to become a television series) and musical visuals (Sacha directed the live-action screen elements for the globally successful We Will Rock You).

Miriam Margolyes – A veteran of stage and screen, award-winning actress Miriam Margolyes has achieved success on both sides of the Atlantic. Winner of the BAFTA Best Supporting Actress award in 1993 for The Age of Innocence (1993) she also received Best Supporting Actress at the 1989 LA Critics Circle Awards for her role in Little Dorrit (1987) and a Sony Radio Award for Best Actress on “Radio” in 1993. She was the voice of Fly the dog in Babe (1995).


Perks start at £5, for which you get a PDF of the script and other perks include story boards, special thanks in the credits, a Skype chat with Johnny Wright, signed pics, the usual producer/executive producer perks, multiple differing set visits and… an amazing chance to have a training session with Al Snow’s Wrestling Academy, PLUS the chance to wrestle Al Snow himself! For those wondering, Al Snow & Simon Van Der Wolf (of Al Snow’s Wrestling Academy) are choreographing a fight scene in the film, having previously worked with production company Three Wise Monkeys for a number of years.

Even if you can’t afford to back the project you can help out by visiting and sharing the official Ethel Indiegogo page right here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ethel-a-drama-about-dealing-with-alzheimer-s#/


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