08th Jun2018

MCM London 2018: Brianna Hildebrand & Stefan Kapicic ‘Deadpool 2’ Q&A

by Xenia Grounds


Congrats on the success of Deadpool 2. How was it jumping back in and going with a new storyline, new characters and connecting with Deadpool on a more personal level?

BH: It was a lot of fun, I think. It was super cool because there were so many new people and everyone was so excited to be on the set of Deadpool 2. I mean, we were still excited for the first one but there was a lot more pressure. Yeah, it was really fun and cool. I was really stoked that Nega Sonic got a girlfriend.

SK: Yeah, I agree. This new relationship that we upgraded with Deadpool and Colossus is something we’re really proud of. Me and Ryan (Reynolds), we worked really closely on this and we brought some new upgrade of Colossus and he’s more brotherly or fatherly. It’s a much bigger role than in the first one. The most beautiful thing for me as a comic book size was that I got to fight Juggernaunt and say the line ‘Pick on someone your own size’.

Was Deadpool your first time doing voice acting?

SK: Yeah, it was the first time I did something like this. In the first one, I mostly did ADR. In this one, I had help from the stunt double who did a great job on set but then I had to get into the costume and do all the facial expressions for the CGI and I was in the studio with David and Ryan. So it was tough because I did CGI, voice and everything else simultaneously so it was something new for me but I’m really proud and happy.

Can we expect a Deadpool 3?

SK: We are an extremely successful franchise. There are rumours about X-Force and Deadpool 3 so we’ll see what happens. We’re not allowed to say anything.

What are your favourite lines from the movie?

BH: I don’t know. Do you have any?

SK: I have one but it’s R-Rated. One of them is ‘F**k’. Colossus doesn’t do that so it’s really specific.

How often did you guys laugh out loud with Josh (Brolin) and Ryan?

BH: You know, Josh is really funny which surprised me. I think I’m just to seeing him be serious in film but he’s hilarious and so is Ryan obviously. Ryan has this really unique ability to lighten the set when it’s really stressed or crunched on time. He has the ability to make things super fun so it was a really fun shoot overall. Everyone was generally in a great mood.

What it’s like shooting the action sequences especially when you have to use your powers as Nega Sonic Teenage Warhead?

BH: It’s weird *chuckles* It’s so weird. You get used to it but the first couple of times of just doing this *Does the movements* for like 45 seconds is very strange. On the first one, I remember doing this for the first time and the entire back of my suit spilt in half. Awkward for everyone involved.

What’s the funniest moment you’ve had on set?

BH: *Sighs deeply* Oh, man, I don’t know. Do you have one?

SK: That’s a really tough question. All of the things that are funny are in the movie so we have so much great things going on. Tim Miller, the director of the first one, can’t stay in the same room as you when you’re trying to puke like I had to do in the first one. He had to leave the room so when I had to experiment, he left.

On the sequel, the funniest thing was trying to find the F word between me and Ryan. How would Colossus torture himself to say it? We did hundreds of versions and the one in the film is the one we picked up. There are amazing little things going on while you’re filming. You have an amazing movie, huge franchise, the first one was a phenomenon so you’re working the sequel with very happy people and people are connected as a family.

What would you use Colossus’s voice for next?

SK: That’s a tough question. Hmm… ‘Mind the Gap’ *Laughs*

Have you read ahead in the comics? So is there anything you would like to bring to the franchise from the comics?

BH: Personally, I have not so I can’t answer that question very well.

SK: I’m waiting for Colossus to meet his sister. The New Mutants is coming next year so we’ll see what happens with that but I’m really counting on that. That’ll be really fantastic to see.

Has there been any interactions with fans that have stood out for you?

BH: Yeah, I’ve gotten a few notes from a few queer kids which has been super awesome. Those are really special moments for me. It just makes me so happy that I’ve helped someone feel more comfortable in their skin or more empowered. Those were special for me.

SK: Well, everything is special. Seeing so many Deadpools, Colossus and lots of Brianna’s everywhere is unbelievable. Having all these amazing reactions regarding Deadpool 2. We did a sequel that was really, really good. There aren’t many sequels doing this kind of improvement in many ways. I had a massage from Deadpool yesterday and I was attacked by a few Deadpools so that was one of the things.

Do you think it’s ironic that a film that is celebrated for being so politically incorrect and offensive is ironically the film that has given us our first LGBT Marvel character on screen?

BH: Yeah, maybe. I think that’s part of what makes Deadpool so interesting to people though is that he’s kind of a breath of fresh air as far as cinematic superheroes go. I think that was a really cool opportunity that Ryan really took a hold of and I’m super proud of him for that.

Were there any scenes between Negasonic and Yukio that didn’t make it to screen?

BH: Quite a few, yeah. Hopefully they’re on the deleted scenes of the DVD but there was a lot of cool stuff you’ll hopefully get to see and lots of cool outfits didn’t make the cut.

Would you like to see Kitty Pryde back?

SK: Of course. They’re getting married (Colossus and Kitty) on 20th June in the comic books. There are some rumours and things regarding the Kitty Pryde solo movie. *alarm goes off* I thought it was an alert because Fox didn’t want me to say anything. Yeah, there are some rumours regarding that. It’s the other thing I would love to see besides the sister.

What’s been your favourite comic book read of Colossus?

SK: The first appearance of Colossus in 1975 was ‘Giant-Size X-Men’ by Dave Cockrum and Len Wein. Unfortunately, they are not alive anymore but I got that issue a few months with their signatures. So my favourite is the first appearance of Storm, Colossus and Nightcrawler. I love it when Colossus gets kind of evil and then unstoppable when he gets Juggernaunt’s powers. We can talk about this all day long.

Brianna, how much responsibility did you feel playing an LGBT character?

BH: I felt a lot of responsibility for sure. Ryan sent me an email about it while they were in the writing process asking if I would mind if they gave Negasonic a girlfriend. I was ecstatic about it. I just asked him not to make it a big deal because I thought it would be more impactful if it was just mentioned. I think he and the writers did it really beautifully and it definitely worked out the way that we wanted it to.

Do you feel responsible for that end credits scene confusing everyone about our timeline now?

BH: *Laughs* Yeah, maybe.

SK: *Laughs* Yeah, she did that!

I guess, it’s been confirmed it’s canon and that it potentially will carry on and impact X-Force and Deadpool 3. Is that the explanation you were given?

BH: *Chuckles* I was given no explanation so I don’t know.

You have a trainee/mentor relationship on screen. Does that exist off-screen as well?

SK: Not anymore. She was a trainee in the first one. Now Deadpool is trainee. She’s an X-Man. Proper X-Man.

BH: This is true. Ryan and I’s relationship is a little bit like Negasonic and Deadpool’s. It’s a little brother, sister-ish. He gets really upset sometimes that I don’t talk to him that much.

I think for so many people, Ryan is and always has been this character. Is there a difference for you between Ryan when he’s out of costume and when he puts it on or is it always the same?

BH: I think that may be a misconception about Ryan. He is hilarious and occasionally raunchy but he has this really soft Dad side that not many people know about. I don’t know if it’s because he’s just had daughters or something but he’s really sweet and empathetic especially when his kids come to set. He’s just the softest softy hanging out with his kids. It’s so cute. I think there’s a side of him that definitely wears the blue crocs if you know what I’m saying.

There’s quite a difference in budget between the first Deadpool and second one. Was there a major difference for you guys at all?

BH: Yes, I remember the first day I walked into my trailer. I was like ‘Wow, we’re really doing this now.’ I remember we went through a lot of budget cuts in the first one which caused a bit of stress while we were shooting. This time around, we were more stressed about fitting everything in and we have more ideas for these scenes. It’s a good upgrade.

What’s your thoughts on Disney acquiring Fox and the future it could have on future Deadpool movies?

SK: We’ll see. Those are the questions we definitely cannot answer because we don’t know what is going to happen. Deadpool is such a successful franchise so whoever takes it over, I don’t think they are going to change anything and I don’t want that to be changed. Deadpool is Deadpool so it needs to stay R-Rated and X-Force too. You don’t want to destroy anything that is making so much money. First of all, you need to satisfy fans so if they make that mistake then…*in Colossus voice* They’re going to have to fight dirty.

Is there any character in the comics you’d like to cross over in any future movies?

SK: I want to fight Thanos which would be weird because we have Thanos playing Cable but CGI can do a lot of stuff.

Deadpool 2 is in UK cinemas now. Read the Nerdly review right here.


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