07th Jun2018

Image announce ‘The Walking Dead Compendium: 15th Anniversary Boxset’

by Kevin Haldon

Image Comics/Skybound have announced a special The Walking Dead Compendium: 15th Anniversary Boxset stuffed with over 3,300 pages of Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s walkers, Survivors, Saviors and a barbwire bat named Lucille—just in time for readers to enjoy in the days leading up to this year’s The Walking Dead Day on Saturday October 13th

This is a must have for any The Walking Dead completionists out there, whether you are looking for somewhere to jump in on this phenomenal long running series but just weren’t sure where, or maybe you missed some issues here and there… Well now’s the time to bag yourself a gorgeous looking mega box set, including not only the main series as a whole but also those beautiful stand alone mini-series.

This is 15 years worth of books crammed into this sexy box. Here is what you will find:

This deluxe boxset includes THE WALKING DEAD Compendiums 1, 2, and 3 each with exclusive, new covers collecting the first 144 issues of the New York Times bestselling survival horror series from Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. It also includes an exclusive, expanded edition of the HERE’S NEGAN trade paperback, which now features the previously uncollected origins of Michonne, Tyrese, the Governor, and Morgan. This box promises to be the most complete collection of THE WALKING DEAD ever assembled and is a cannot-miss experience for the ultimate fan.

So there you go folks… With the series currently on Hiatus and The Walking Dead Day coming our way, why not spend the next few months re-living the glory days of one of the most popular comic book series ever to grace our eye-balls. I know one thing, It may take a while to convince the wife, but I am getting this Box-Set.

The Walking Dead Compendium – 15th Anniversary Boxset will retail for $200, and will be available on Wednesday October 3rd and in bookstores on Tuesday October 9th.



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