06th Jun2018

Interview: Script Revolution founder CJ Walley

by Phil Wheat

In his latest interview/podcast, host Stuart Wright talks with Script Revolution founder and screenwriter CJ Walley. For those unaware, Script Revolution is a free script hosting website that offers screenwriters a platform to promote their scripts and a way for filmmakers to search through them.


With over 100 screenplays uploaded on average per month and over 200 downloaded on average by readers per week, Script Revolution is the fastest growing unproduced script database on the web. Boasting over 500 award winning scripts suggests the quality is there too. Not bad for site only eighteen months old.

  • For Screenwriters:
    No limits. Upload all your scripts to the database and add a variety of tags to describe your material. Share a screenplay by giving people the direct link. Build a portfolio and add a bio with your social media links included. Receive notifications when your scripts are downloaded or favorited.
  • For Filmmakers:
    No cliques. Search the database and filter scripts using different filters. Discover new writers and browse all their material. Bookmark scripts you like the look of, mark ones you’ve read, and favorite ones you enjoy. Reach out to writers via private message. Follow the writers you love to stay updated.
  • Always Free & Always Fair:
    No cost & no elitism. The ethos at Script Revolution is all about discovery rather than promotion. There’s nobody paying their way to the top. Script Revolution currently hosts the equivalent of over $375,000 per year in hosting fees compared to some pay sites – and that’s just counting the features and TV pilots uploaded.

Check it out at www.scriptrevolution.com
CJ Walley’s Script Revolution profile page: www.scriptrevolution.com/profiles/cj-walley


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