04th Jun2018

‘iZombie 4×13’ Review

by Xenia Grounds

Stars: Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley, David Anders | Created by Diane Ruggiero, Rob Thomas


I think it would be fair to say that iZombie season 4 has been problematic at parts but the finale for season 4 wraps up this season of highs and lows very well and goes above and beyond the call of duty.

The gist of the finale is that it’s a race against time to save Liv and Levon before they are executed and Major, Ravi, Clive and the returning Peyton pull out all the stops to achieve this. First, they use Levon’s documentary about the underground railroad to get the public on the side of Renegade and turn the people against Fillmore Graves. Knowing there would be a riot, Chase chooses to make the execution private and changes the time but the damage has been done as even Fillmore Grave soldiers are questioning him. However, Peyton in her new role as acting mayor, tells the public after crashing a cooking show about the change of location and time so hundreds of people rush to try and save Liv.

Unfortunately, Levon is executed before the rescue happens. It is a sad moment but as mentioned in last week’s review, Liv’s romantic interests have a history for being permanently killed off other than Major and Justin (whose reappearance was a nice touch). Also, Levon and Liv’s relationship wasn’t written anywhere near as well as previous ones like Lowell and Liv. That said, this death feels like the straw that broke the camel’s back as Liv has seen many people die from Lowell to Levon and she is left broken by this.

Following this, Major bursts into the warehouse in full zombie mode before Liv can be executed. Chase shoots Major in the chest but the distraction works in Liv’s favour as she breaks free and in the ensuing scuffle, Chase is the one who gets the guillotine. The phrase ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’ sums up Chase’s arc and he got what he deserved by the end so it is a satisfying moment to witness. Major is then elected the new leader of Fillmore Graves and while at first, he is reluctant to have that title, he soon sees how much his guidance is needed. Major taking over from Chase is a logical and natural decision and it feels earned. Major has continuously earned the respect of fellow soldiers at Fillmore Graves and is on good standing with the fellow protagonists even if he came frustratingly and stupidly close to ruining that for a while.

The last part of the action involves Blaine and his father. They send the flock to cross the border but their perspectives clash. Blaine wants to be safe and smart by watching from the rooftop but Angus (Brother Love) wants to join in and lead the charge. Blaine keeps repeating how Angus is too valuable to die and admits to being the one behind the ‘sign’ (aka the snowing brains) Angus got from up above. Angus is severely disappointed by this and tells Blaine that his mother would be disappointed by who Blaine is. Angus then charges ahead without saying another word and even refuses to wear a helmet that Blaine wants to provide. This serves to be a fatal mistake as Angus is shot in the head by boarder troops and the flock is wiped out. Any investments or plans that Blaine had for outside of New Seattle are rendered useless.

That covers the action of the finale so let’s move onto the emotional aftermath. Liv has had enough of being a zombie after seeing someone else she cares about brutally die so Ravi offers her Isobel’s brain. However, before Liv can have the cure, they both get a call to go to Clive and Dale’s impromptu wedding. Clive’s vows involve giving up being a father and humanity to be with her. After hearing this, Liv chooses to give the cure to Dale in a very heart-warming scene that nearly brought me to tears.
Lastly, the underground railroad reminds Liv that they’re no longer underground. As the new leader of Fillmore Graves, Major has made sure that railroad can smuggle in as many humans as it wants and will help them in doing that. Also, Major gives Blaine and Don E the opportunity to change their reputation from criminals to heroes of sorts as brains are no longer being shipped to New Seattle and they’re the only ones capable of solving the problem.

In the final moments of the season, the underground leads Liv to the hotel pool where she is greeted with monumental applause from humans and zombies. Liv is moved by this display and realises that she’s the one who has brought the two species together and it looks like Renegade’s work is just beginning.

This was an amazing finale which isn’t a surprise as iZombie always has great finales but the stage is set for a hopefully great final season. While I hope Blaine remains his entertaining self, he is set for a path that looks more protagonistic. Liv continues her work as Renegade and with the backing of hundreds and Major is now in a rightfully deserved powerful position. There is still the matter of the cure but that’s something that I’m certain will be solved before the show ends. I’m sure there will be problems and dramas on the way for its characters but season 5 should be epic!


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