04th Jun2018

Comic Concierge – Episode 28: Harrow County Vol.3

by Dan Clark


In this episode of Comic Concierge, once again Matt from Simplistic Reviews joins me as we continue our look at Harrow County. This volume is much different than what came before and we get into that, and how changing artists within a continuous story can impact the flow of the narrative. As always this volume offered a lot to talk about and chew on.

The Skinless Boy seeks to understand the mysteries of his past, and Emmy investigates a decaying old domicile. Meanwhile, a malevolent serpent is sowing madness and malice in the minds of The Holler’s residents, and only Bernice stands in the way of this new evil – but could enlisting the aid of the shadowy Lovely Belfont place her in a much more terrible danger?

Listen to “Harrow County Vol. 3: Snake Doctor” on Spreaker.


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