01st Jun2018

‘Legion 2×09’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


If there is one thing you can say about Legion is that it is never in a rush to tell the story. Even though now we are in the second half of the season with only a few episodes to go, it feels like the conclusion is far in the distance. Even if it is taking its time though, is it still entertaining?

With David (Dan Stevens) and Amahl Farouk (Navid Negahban) caught up in the race to find the body, others are manipulated to help David get an edge. While for the most part this seems to be going to plan, Farouk’s manipulation of Dr. Melanie Bird (Jean Smart) may regain him the lead.

The first part of the episode focuses on Melanie and Oliver’s (Jemaine Clement) hold over her which gives Farouk his edge. This had me worried, because at this part of the season do we really need an episode that focuses on the relationship between Melanie and Oliver? Thankfully though, this wasn’t what we were going to see.

In looking at Melanie first, what this episode was actually doing was showing how a character that for the most part had been in the background for most of the season, suddenly became important. Another issue it raised for me is why her so-called friends and colleagues didn’t think of helping her when she seemed to really need them?

Seemingly having a “senior moment” as Cary Loudermilk (Bill Irwin) called it, Melanie is erratic and making no sense. Instead of helping her, or even seeking out psychological help for her, the other characters simply talk to her, only to leave her to her solidarity when they can’t get through to her. This of course is a perfect weakness in the group for Farouk and Oliver to influence, and that is of course what they do.

For the other characters, they are being equally manipulated by David, and while we saw his plans begin last week, we really don’t make much progress from there. We do get to see much more of Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) though, as well as an unwelcome visitor inside her head. It is interesting that Lenny really doesn’t come across as an evil character, but definitely one that inhabits the same grey area that David does, and is of course a victim of the war between him and Farouk.

With only two episodes after this one to go, the scene is finally set for the confrontation between David and Farouk, and we may even finally find the Shadow King’s body. While this episode is another one that does feel like it is killing time until the real confrontation starts, there is still a lot to enjoy.

Seeing Lenny return to her past life and try to enjoy herself is nice to see, especially as it adds more to her character, and the side effects to her being brought back gives Aubrey Plaza the chance to once again flex her acting muscles and steal the scenes she is in. The important thing though is that the fun in still there, especially with Lenny and the Loudermilks.

If there is one criticism of Legion season two it is definitely that there is a lack of focus, and no rush to actually tell the story the audience is waiting to experience. Legion is a show though that is never afraid to bring something new to the screen, and that is what keeps it feeling interesting. The important thing now though is that when the finale finally arrives, the story comes to a satisfactory end for the audience who are patiently waiting for it to come.

****½  4.5/5

Legion airs on Fox TV in the UK on Tuesdays.

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