26th Mar2018

‘Vikings: War of the Clans’ Review

by James Smith

Vikings: War of the Clans is a strategy browser game where players take control of Scandinavian chiefs known as Jarls in order to build settlements, attain heroes and wage war against each other in a Viking themed world.

The game uses striking 3D visuals that sets it apart from other browser MMO games and a deep progression system that adds to the strategy element of the gameplay. There is also some nice additions such as hero development that make the decisions you make in the game really matter.

You can jump right in

You can play this game for free or download it from the App Store or Google Play, the links to which can be found on the official website. Getting started is easy as the game offers some comprehensive tutorials which allow the player to jump right into the action without much problem. Veterans of the genre will be able to pick up the idea of the game pretty quickly – it is essentially a mix of strategic town-building mechanics and MMO warfare.

Players build a town in order to train troops for war, gather knowledge, harvest resources and build a defensive stronghold to give their Jarl a power base from which to conquer all.

There are two main views where the player will spend most of their time. The town view and the world map. In the town view, you will spend your time constructing a town to give you a strategic advantage over the other players. The town view brings life to the game as you watch the townsfolk go about their daily business in beautifully rendered 3D graphics making the longer load times worth the wait. The graphics coupled with a nice musical score make the gameplay quite enjoyable. You can also turn on special effects to enhance the visuals further and then use the world map to plan your strategy.

Research and Heroes


The depth of the game is impressive for its genre, with advancements being chosen from a tech-tree and the player gets to choose how they go about upgrading. The use of multiple branching progression paths gives the game’s strategy a boost, as players attempt to calculate the optimal choices. You feel like the decisions you make will actually matter and have a tangible effect on how well you do against your rivals, which is a big plus.

The hero feature is also a breath of fresh air to a genre that has been described by some industry commentators as stale. Vikings: War of the Clans offers a feature with the hero development that is fun and will get you thinking.

The player inherits a customizable hero that can be upgraded and developed as the game progresses – and, again, the way the hero is improved has a bearing on the player’s campaign chances. You can use them to make your armies attack or defend your stronghold more effectively or you can make your settlement more efficient in its production of resources.


Overall, Vikings: War of the Clans is an immersive and deep strategy browser/mobile game. It has beautiful graphics that bring the Viking world to life and offers some unique features that make it stand out from similar games in the market. Its plus points such as the graphics, deep progression system and addictive gameplay more than make up for the slower load times and lack of a windowed option.

It is a great game so what are you waiting for? Grab your battle axe and get plundering.


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