26th Mar2018

‘Axeman’ franchise expands with 3rd film, graphic novel & book!

by Phil Wheat

Filmmaker Joston “El Rey” Theney has confirmed that he is currently penning the script to the last installment of the Axeman trilogy, titled Axeman 3: Absolution. But that’s not all, Theney has also revealed that he is in pre-production on a one-off graphic novel and a series of books that will serve as origins stories for the film franchise.

Says Theney:

[Axeman 3: Absolution] is more of a straighforward slasher and kind of a character study on what generations of hate and revenge can do to the culture of a township and it’s people. And the concept and consequence of real forgiveness. With lots of blood and gore and unpleasantness thrown in. [The graphic novel] links the events of “Overkill” and “Absolution” so that it’s a smooth transition. And it will give you a sense of the new tone of the series and what the last film will feel like. I don’t want to ruin it by talking too much about the title or the story as many fans in other countries haven’t seen the movie yet but when I say it is graphic, I assure you it will turn your stomach a little.

About the book: In writing the third film and explaining the genesis of Cutter’s Creek and Cordova Peak and Hunter’s Ridge, and why those towns are so cursed, I realized just how fascinating it was and how much more story there was to tell. I’m hopeful fans of the film and general horror readers will find it interesting as well.



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