16th Mar2018

Movie Magic: Exploring the Connection Between Casino and Film

by James Smith

It’s not hard to see why casinos appeal so highly to movie makers. Casinos are frequented by competitive people of all walks of life who have stories to tell and money to spend. Casinos are made up of high-rollers and casual players who want to gamble and double their money. They can be glitzy and glamorous while offering a mysterious yet alluring atmosphere.

The connections between the casino and movie industries run deep and movie makers and casino game developers have been sharing ideas and working together for several decades. Let’s explore those commonalities and find out just how the two industries borrow from each other.

3 of the Best Movies Based on Casinos


As mentioned, the high-stakes and the colourful cast of characters that you can find at a casino make it the perfect foundation for a blockbuster Hollywood movie. No clearer is that than in Molly’s Game, the Jessica Chastain-starring movie based on the true story of Molly Bloom. Jessica Chastain plays Molly Bloom, an Olympic-class skier who runs a high-stakes poker game that draws an elite crowd including Hollywood stars, renowned athletes, and business executives from all over the globe. Molly becomes a target of the FBI during the film, though her criminal defence lawyer Charlie Jaffey believes that there is more to the story than what is being reported in the papers. Molly’s Game reviews described the film as ‘phenomenal’ and the box office stats reflected the critical reception as the movie made over $50 million worldwide.

The Hangover is a classic tale of vacation debauchery. In this Golden Globe award-winning movie (it picked up the gong for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy), Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis go on the hunt for their missing friend after they head to a casino for stag night celebration and things get a little out of hand. The movie isn’t indicative of a true casino experience – in one scene, the men find a tiger just hanging out in their bathroom – but it certainly made an impression on moviegoers. According to casinos in Las Vegas, visitors continue to quote the movie to the staff.

The Cincinnati Kid is a real throwback of a casino movie. Released in 1965, Steve McQueen plays the role of Eric “The Kid” Stoner who is an ambitious, young poker player who wants to establish himself as the best that the game has ever seen. The film is a tale of a fierce rivalry, as The Kid’s nemesis is an older, more experienced player named Lancey “The Man” Howard.

Casino Games Based on Movies


Just as movies can be based on the high-stakes gameplay of casinos, many online and mobile casinos offer games based on the immersive settings of movies too.

32Red mobile casino offers several casino games based on the biggest Hollywood flicks including the Highlander online slot, which adapts the 1986 action adventure movie for the small-screen. The reels can be hit with flashes of lightning, while the classic 80s soundtrack and the guitar riffs will get your heart pumping.Meanwhile, the Hellboy slot is based on the iconic comic book ch aracter and his crime-fighting squad. Not only does this slot include symbols inspired by the characters of the comics (and the hugely popular movie adaptations), but its music also suits the eerie, gothic theme. 32Red players love this one and the way it uses bonus rounds to weave a story for players to follow as well.

Another, more recently released, slot based on a film series is the Jurassic World online slot offered by LuckyMobileSlots and CasinoGrounds. The game is based on the thunderous action of the franchise reboot and players will hear the mighty roars and screeches of the dinosaurs. It even features the protagonists of the movie (played by Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.).

The connection between Hollywood and casinos is only set to strengthen further in the coming months as there are so many opportunities for the two industries to work together. Casinos continue to provide fantastic inspiration for films, while major action flicks such as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, The Predator, and Pacific Rim: Uprising could all be turned into incredibly entertaining casino games.

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