06th Mar2018

‘Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight’ Review

by Paul Metcalf

Stars: Michael Ning, Louis Cheung, Alex Man, Carrie Ng, Cherry Ngan, Angie Shum, Venus Wong | Written by Nick Cheuk, Nero Ng, Chi Hoi Pang | Directed by Alan Lo


If there is one type of monster that has been done to death, it has to be the zombie (pun intended). We’ve seen slow ones, fast ones, even vegetarian ones in bad remakes of classics. What could make Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight any different from the rest? How about a man-sized chicken monster?

Lone (Michael Ning) and Yeung (Louis Cheung) are two eccentric young men who like to think of themselves as heroes. When Lone’s favourite animated monster, a man-sized chicken monster starts turning people into zombies, can they Lone and Yeung stop the end of the world?

If you’ve seen Train from Busan, you’ll know that Asian cinema can do zombie movies, and do them well. While Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight may not be a Train from Busan, It still manages to give the audience a fun, gory, and emotional experience.

The first thing that stands out with Zombiology is the source of the zombies. A man-sized chicken monster who lays eggs that turn people’s heads instantly to skulls is an interesting creature that from the very start requires an explanation. We are given one in the end, but to reveal its meaning would be to spoil the film, which I would do here.

A good zombie film, whether it be from Hollywood, or as Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight is, from China has to be focused on the living rather than the dead. If there is one weakness with this movie, it is that it spends a little too much time away from the zombie horde to concentrate on the emotional side of things.

While some people may not like that, I actually enjoyed the fact that the movie chose to concentrate on this. Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight creates strong likeable characters that the audience can relate to, and gives them real human problems that must be overcome if the heroes are to defeat the zombie. Whether it be Lone having to reconcile with his father who has returned from being jailed, or his father’s need to be forgiven, these are real problems. It makes it all the more heart-breaking as the inevitable happens and the group are slowly torn apart.

What also gives Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight a surreal feel is the comedy that film includes at fairly odd moments. The man-sized chicken is an example of this, and the crowd of men who are mistaken for zombies, but just end up being a horde of estate agents preying on the public. If anything, these oddities do make the film stand out, but can be quite puzzling.

The most important thing about the film though is that the main characters are likeable, we get an enjoyable zombie story, and a conclusion to the story that is also different than what you’d usually expect from this type of movie. Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight feels at times that it wants to be the Asian Shaun of the Dead, and it gives a damn good try at it. The truth is though, it is something different, and all the better for it.

If you are a fan of zombie films, or just funny movies that bring something different to the screen, then Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight is well worth a watch. Funny, sad, gory, and most of all fun, it may not always tick all the boxes for a zombie classic, but it gives it a damn good try.

**** 4.5/5

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