06th Mar2018

‘The Walking Dead’ royalty coming MCM London Comic Con

by Phil Wheat


MCM London Comic Con is all set to give a right royal welcome to The Walking Dead’s King Ezekiel,aka screen actor and noted voice talent Khary Payton, and Cooper Andrews, who plays Ezekiel’s right hand man Jerry in the hit zombie apocalypse series.

Payton’s character Ezekiel is the self-proclaimed monarch of a community known as The Kingdom. Usually a seemingly-benevolent settlement in The Walking Dead puts us on the alert for sinister secrets. With Ezekiel, the show pulls the reverse trick – it turns out that rather than being a tyrant, the tiger-owning king is a genuinely good guy! A kindhearted, noble leader who just wants to protect his people, King Ezekiel is faking an over-the-top regal persona so that his ‘subjects’ have a figurehead to follow. When he’s not ruling his zombie-infested kingdom, Khary Payton is best known for his voice acting work – in particular, for playing superhero Cyborg on Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go!, Justice League Action and other animated series. His extensive video game credits include the Batman: Arkham, Dead or Alive and Infamous franchises.

Also known for his work behind the camera, Cooper Andrews joined the cast of The Walking Dead fresh from a recurring role as Yo-Yo Engberk on acclaimed Silicon Valley drama Halt and Catch Fire. Long Island-born Andrews plays Ezekiel’s loyal personal steward and bodyguard Jerry – a lovable, friendly guy with a penchant for puns who also happens to be a dab hand with a double-bladed battle axe… as people who attempt to harm his king discover to their cost!

MCM London Comic Con takes place at Excel London on May 25-27th 2018. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit www.mcmcomiccon.com


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