07th Feb2018

‘WWE: Sasha Banks – Iconic Matches’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf


We see Sasha Banks on Raw all the time now; the so-called Diva Revolution has led to a level of respect in the women’s division that they are finally getting their own Royal Rumble matches. One of the women who pushed women’s wrestling in the right direction was of course Sasha Banks, which is what makes WWE: Sasha Banks – Iconic Matches such an entertaining watch.

For fans who have watched her since NXT, the fact she calls herself the “Legit Boss” is backed up by her skill in the ring. One of those wrestlers who fits into the grey area between being a face (good) and heel (bad) makes her one of the more interesting wrestlers. Just like one of her heroes, the late Eddie Guerrero, she will do what it takes to win.

To show her at her best, three matches have been selected, and luckily for us two of them are from NXT. These are matches that feature the other Four Horsewomen (Sasha, Charlotte Flair, Bayley, and Becky Lynch). These are the included matches:

  • Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Bayley
  • Sasha Banks vs. Bayley
  • Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

The first, the fatal fourway for the NXT Women’s Title shows why these women changed the fact of WWE’s women’s division and brought it up to a level where many of the matches either rivalled that of the men, or surpassed them. While WWE like to paint its own picture of just who made the revolution happen, these were arguably the women who won over the audience, and show that it was worth changing the way WWE viewed women in their company.

The second match included in the collection is Sasha vs. Bayley in an Iron Man match, and this was a true classic. It also shows off one of the best rivalries in the women’s division, and of course not only the skill of Sasha Banks, but also of Bayley as well. Often written off as the underdog this was one of the matches that showed she could take it to the next level and put on an instant classic.

The third match moves onto Raw, and it highlights the change in style from NXT and Raw. Still a good match it also showed just how good Sasha works with Flair, though it also shows off some of the more worrying dangers of the Sasha’s style. Just look at the dive through the middle rope to see an example of that.

While this release doesn’t even reach two hours in length, the matches are all classics, which makes it a good release for fans. With Bayley’s Iconic Matches DVD also being released in the same week, it also makes for a good double buy, especially as it shows off more of the rivalry between the two wrestlers. While a little short for my liking, the quality of the matches makes up for the shortness. It’ll definitely have you looking on the WWE Network for more of Sasha’s NXT matches, which is always a good thing.

**** 4/5

WWE: Sasha Banks – Iconic Matches is available now on DVD.

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