22nd Dec2017

‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew’ now available for Non-VR users!

by Kat Wheat

Ubisoft have announced that Star Trek: Bridge Crew is now available for non-VR players on PlayStation 4 and PC with a new free update. This update also includes enhanced Windows Mixed Reality support.

More players can now live out their Star Trek fantasies as they take command of the USS Aegis and USS Enterprise NCC-1701 using a mouse and keyboard, or a controller. Players can join matches with both VR and non-VR players seamlessly across all platforms.

In addition to an engaging story campaign, Star Trek: Bridge Crew features an Ongoing Voyages mode, randomizing missions and providing countless hours of solo and co-op adventures. Whether you want to board the USS Aegis or the legendary USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (authentically recreated from Star Trek: The Original Series), the final frontier awaits.

Developed by Ubisoft Red Storm, Star Trek: Bridge Crew transports fans into the Star Trek universe where they assume the role of a Starfleet officer and complete missions that will determine the fate of their ship and crew. Playable cooperatively online with a crew, or solo as Captain, Star Trek: Bridge Crew puts players directly onto the bridge of a new starship, the USS Aegis, and dispatches them to explore an uncharted sector of space.



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