06th Dec2017

Wolverine Wednesday #7

by Ian Wells


Before I get into my reviews I want to talk about the recent news regarding Wolverines return from the dead. After his appearance on Legacy #1 it has been confirmed that the original 616 continuity Wolverine will be back with us very soon. The road to his return starts in January 2018. He will appear in a series of ‘post credit scenes’ in key titles Captain America #697, Mighty Thor #703 and Amazing Spider-Man #794. Now I am a Wolverine completest but I can say right now I will not be buying these three issues or any other issues with Wolverine ‘post credit scenes’. Call me old fashioned but one of the premier X-Men should return in an X book or one of the two Wolverine titles. Of course after these ‘post credit’ appearances that could still happen and I hope we get a larger story involving his return in the two Wolverine titles or  mini. This just stinks of a cash grab. My other bug bare with his return is that he is in possession of… spoiler… the Space Stone! Yes on the one hand it is great an X-Man is involved in a story with something so fundamental to the MCU but I like my Wolverine stories my simple. The Hand, Weapon X, drinking, smoking. You know the stuff. Ed Brisson has said his return will not be dealt with well by Old Man Logan. These are the things that appeal more to me, not galactic level mumbo jumbo. How will his return affect other characters and the make up of the Wolverine titles? Watch this space for future developments.

Old Man Logan #30

Writer: Ed Brisson | Artist: Mike Deodato | Colourist: Frank Martin | Letters: Cory Petit

I’m glad this arc is over. I haven’t enjoyed it from the outset. A couple of issues ago it looked like it was turning a corner before it finally went out with a whimper in this issue. Back when it did start to improve I really wanted it to go from strength to strength and prove my negative feedback wrong. After all I am a Wolverine fan first and a comic book reviewer second. I want to read good stories all the time. Having collected every issue of Wolverine I can confirm this is not always possible. ‘Days of Anger’ doesn’t rank along side some of the worst but it is  a long way off of joining the ranks of the best Wolverine stories. I feel like I am doing this every issue I review but I really don’t have an agenda against Ed Brisson. I’m even looking forward to his next arc and would prefer he stuck around and got better. I hate titles going through writers like they are going out of fashion. He does good action so really should be a good fit for Wolverine, this story just missed the mark for me. Fans of Deodato or even fans of great sequential art should pick up this whole arc. You will learn a lot about panel layouts and orchestrating action. Some of the violence gets a little OTT in the finale fight. Sure Logan would survive some of the blows, but Hawkeye really? The biggest disappointment that after six issues is that there is no real resolution. The fight between Logan and Maestro just come to a mutual draw. Spoilers… Maestro goes to hide in a cave, Cambria just starts walking the North and Logan and Hawkeye walk the other way. As I’ve said this arc isn’t for me. There would be those that love the levels of action. The story kind of rollercoasters throughout the six issues. Every issue the art has been a 10 out of 10. Lets just go onto the next one and hopefully see an improvement.

Weapon X #11

Writers: Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente | Artists: Marc Borstel & Ibraim Roberson | Colourist: Frank D’Armata | Letters: Joe Caramagna

Again a story arc that ends on a whimper. The only difference is ‘Hunt For Weapon H’ kept me more entertained in the previous issues than ‘Days of Anger’ did. Perhaps though that makes it more of a disappointment that I was more invested in the story for X amount of previous issues and then the climax missed the mark. Although the resolution was a little on the weak side there is a lot of open possibilities going forward. Doctor Alba is now in custody of the X-Club ready for any writer to break her out at anytime. We already know Weapon H is getting his own solo series so that played a big part of taking away my enjoyment of finishing this story arc.  There is a closing epilogue with Stryker which leaves future possibilities for either this series or any X book. Now despite my reservations about the make up of the team they seem to be sticking together for the future. They all had their differences about how to deal with Weapon H and after Logans plan to resolve the situation the team aren’t actually seen together in the issue again. But thanks to the preview of next months cover we know they stick together. The issue ends with the caption ‘Next: Legacy!’ which just gave me a feeling of positivity. Sometimes with these reboots or soft reboots across the whole universe some of the smaller/lower selling titles get axed or just over looked (then axed). ‘Legacy’ feels different and just by having that caption everything feels part of it. If like me you have seen the solicitations for the next arc you will be excited. This title has been pretty solid from the start and I’m looking forward to it sticking around for as along as possible. With the Weapon H stuff out the way I’m looking for the title to branch out now into missions spanning all corners of the X universe and  the larger 616. Greg Pak has a lot on his plate coming up and I wonder if Fred Van Lente has come in as co-writer to lighten the load or perhaps even take over. Van Lente is very consistent so there would be no complaints from me.


All-New Wolverine #26

Writer: Tom Taylor | Artist: Juann Cabal | Colourist: Nolan Woodard | Letters: Cory Petit

I absolutely love the old school vibe to the cover supplied by the ever impressive Terry and Rachel Dodson. We truly are in the ‘Legacy’ era with this series and the creative teams are embracing it. Taylor continues to write good Daken. The issue opens with him showing he really is his fathers son. We get a few little teases to what the Orphans of X are up to but nothing major. A few years back Jason Aaron done a story involving of the children of Logan. Already after two issues I get the feeling this is going to be completely different. I might even end up liking Daken by the end of it and hoping he gets a solo series! Gabby again has the best moments in this issue. After all Laura mother is her mother too and that brings some good moments with it. Including a brilliant joke at Beasts expense. Laura and Gabby have grown under Taylors guidance. In recent news Tom Taylor will be doing a third X-Men team book, X-Men Red. Laura and Gabby will be joining that team. Fingers crossed you don’t have to be reading both titles to get the best of both characters. He mentioned Gabby will be getting a codename. It really should happen in All New Wolverine and then she can use it in X-Men Red. There is a good instance in this issue where we see how Laura and Gabby’s relationship has grown and how Laura’s trust levels have increased. It appears the Murumasa Blade is going to be central to this story arc. It is an addition to Wolverine continuity I have never really cared for. It just seems like a devise to up threat levels of a story without it really meeting expectations. It always has an easy get out.  But like Daken Tom Taylor will probably end up making it amazing. The editors of the X books continue to match Taylor with brilliant artists. The Daken opening is four pages of twelve panel pages. Any artist that evokes the greatness of Watchmen is always onto a winner with me.

Lastly before I go and I really should have done this sooner but this issues reminded me of it. Each Wolverine-centric issue last month carried a tribute to the recently deceased Len Wein. Without him creating Wolverine I would have nothing to review. He created many other great characters and was Marvel EiC for a while over seeing Incredible Hulk #181 and Giant Size X-Men #1. Len Wein was a creative talent and all round good guy. He will be missed but has left a legacy for us all to enjoy.


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