26th Oct2017

WrestleForce: Wickford (21/10/17) – Results & Review

by Philip Rogers

WrestleForce is a great way to see live professional wrestling in the UK, with upcoming events every week in Essex. I attended the latest event at the Wick Community Centre in Wickford, which despite the small venue manage to create quite an atmosphere with a sell-out crowd.

The layout of the venue means that the crowd are sectioned onto one side of the ring, but with the limited capacity of the venue, you feel really close to action especially when they bring the fight out to the crowd. It is one of the highlights of watching live wrestling in such as small venues, as you are given an opportunity to have a close interaction with the action. I was on edge for more than one occasion that a child may get accident crushed during one of the fights in the crowd, but thankfully no accidents occurred as the wrestlers frequently brawled between the amazed spectators.

A lot of the wrestlers may not currently be household names with the current exposure of British wrestling, but they have plenty of personality to bring the event to life, and they know how to get the crowd behind or against them. On the night both Oli Peace and Josh the Axe Shooter really stood out with their very opposite but exuberant personalities, but during the matches there was a great deal of technical abilities on show from all the fighters.

WrestleForce has a great atmosphere and is run by friendly staff who obviously have a passion for event, with future stars lending a helping hand with the merchandise. With such a great atmosphere it’s easy to see why WrestleForce has proven to be so popular, with a series of events already planned throughout October and November. The prices are reasonable and you get over two hours of an action-packed entertainment for your money. After the nights action, it isn’t a case of will I go again, it’s when.

WrestleForce Wickford 21/10/17 – Results:

Match 1: Peckham Playboy Hakan vs Oli Peace

Hakan made his debut into the WrestleForce ring with a confident swagger and 7 years professional wrestling experience. He took on the local favourite from Rayleigh, Oli Peace, who showed why he has become a crowd favourite with WrestleForce fans, with his high energy and crowd interactions which started the night on a high.

Oli Peace took the initiative by taking the fight to Hakan both inside and outside of the ring, as he controlled the action as well as the crowd, but a missed opportunity from the ropes allowed Hakan to comeback. Seizing the opportunity Haken began to work on the legs of Oli Peace, holding the ropes in an unorthodox move behind the refs back to gain an advantage.

After spotting an illegal use of the ropes, Oli was given an opportunity to compose himself, and with the roar of the crowd, was able to make a comeback against Hakan, eventually getting a three count and the win.

Winner: Oli Peace

Match 2: The Drifter: Jack Toreno vs Georgy Flaunt

Complete opposites entered the ring for the second match of the night. Jack Toreno, a man rumoured to be sleeping rough, looks rough around the edges in both his appearance and scrappy wrestling style. He takes on Georgy Flaunt, a man who lives by the term if you’ve got it, flaunt it. With a background in the grappling of Brazilian Ju Jitsu he has a more structured style of fighting, but in the ring, is isn’t just about looking good.

This was a hard-hitting match between the two with some heavy exchanges coming from both fighters in what looked to be an even match. But Jack Toreno’s dirty tactics seemed to be enough to throw Georgy Flaunt off form, which included a vicious biting attack which Luis Suárez would have been proud of. Teh continue work and tactics of Jack Toreno eventually proved to be too much, eventually forcing Georgy Flaunt to tap out.

Winner: The Drifter Jack Toreno

Match 3: Terry & Harrison Isit vs The Romford Boys (C J Silver & Mark Trew)

It was great to see some new young talent coming through with The Romford Boys, as the first graduates from the WrestleForce Academy, they took on the cousins Terry & Harrison Isit who were looking to continue the schooling for the new comers.

It was a fast-paced match with Terry & Harrison Isit taking the fight to The Romford boys, taking advantage of their inexperience as they addressed the crowd. The Romford Boys put up a good fight and showed some real talent in the ring, but the experience of Terry Isit really showed through. Controlled the ring and at times the referee, he worked well with Harrison Isit isolating C J Silver in their corner to wear him down before continuing the same tactic successfully against Mark Trew.

This was by far the fastest paced fight of the night and showed that The Romford Boys have the potential to be the stars of the future, but on this occasion the collaborative force and experience of Terry & Harrison Isit proved too strong, taking the win by way of a pin with a three count.

Winners: Terry & Harrison Isit

Match 4: Josh the Axe Shooter vs Taylor Essex

Another local boy Taylor Essex had the opportunity to take on the formidable Australian superstar Josh Shooter.

It was never going to be an easy task but Taylor Essex started off strong against Josh Shooter holding his own in a violent exchange which was taken into the audience. Once back in the ring it look like Taylor Essex could take the match, and even manged to execute an aerial manoeuvre despite the restrictions of the low celling. However, as the fight progressed the experience, strength and dirty tactics of Josh Shooter (or as much of the crowd named him Pat Sharp) proved too much of a task. proving he was just After inflicting a serious amount of punishment Josh Shooter proved he was too strong on the night and held down an exhausted Taylor Essex for a three count and the win

Winner: Josh the Axe Shooter

Match 4:  Battle Royale – 11 Man Wickford Royal Rumble

A Battle Royal took place with 11 fighters entering the ring for a chance to fight for the WrestleForce Championship at Halloween Havoc.
To be eliminate the opponent, they must be thrown over the top rope and both feet must land on the floor. Last man left standing in the ring is the winner. Other than that, there are no rules!

The fighters entering the 11 Man Wickford Royal Rumble:

  • Peckham Playboy Hackan
  • Oli Peace
  • The Drifter: Jack Toreno
  • Georgy Flaunt
  • Terry Isit
  • Harrison Isit
  • C J Silver
  • Mark Trew
  • Josh the Axe Shooter
  • Taylor Essex
  • Brandon Croft

The Royal Rumble was a great way to end the night and although it can be hard to watch al of the action it was an explosive climax to the evening. The early exits to the fight where Taylor Essex, Georgy Flaunt, Peckham Playboy Hackan and a then a surprise exit for one of the favourites to win Josh the Axe Shooter who was fourth out of the ring.

It was hard to keep up with the action during the bedlam around the ring but within moments of each other, Brandon Croft, The Drifter: Jack Toreno, Harrison Isit and Mark Trew found themselves eliminated. C J Silver did well to survive to the last three, but after being ejected from the ring by Terry Isit, it was down to the final turn, with Oli Peace proving too strong as the last man standing.

Winner: Oli Peace

Upcoming WRESTLEFORCE Events:

27.10.2017 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm – Halloween Havoc in Rayleigh
29.10.2017 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm- Halloween Havoc in Witham
03.11.2017 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm – Live Wrestling in Canvey Island
11.11.2017 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm – Live Wrestling in Dagenham
17.11.2017 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm – Live Wrestling in Chelmsford
18.11.2017 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm – Live Wrestling in Southend

You can purchase tickets and get details of future WrestleForce events from their website: http://www.wrestleforce.com

Photos courtesy of Gary R. Ward


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