25th Oct2017

‘Star Trek: Discovery 1×06 – Lethe’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


Now that we are six episodes into Star Trek: Discovery it is easy to pick out the interesting and fan favourite characters. With this week’s episode of Discovery, it we start to get into moments that shape these characters for what is to come.

With Ash Tyler (Shazad Latif) now a part of the crew, people are intrigued to find out more about him. For Michael (Sonequa Martin-Green) though, her thoughts are off the ship as Sarek (James Frain) calls out for help. While she is allowed to go search for him, Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs) is visited by Admiral Cornwell (Jayne Brook) who is worried about his tactics.

While fan favourites Michael, Tilly (Mary Wiseman), and Stamets (Anthony Rapp) get a lot of focus on Star Trek: Discovery, it seems now that Ash Tyler is going to be another to have a connection with Michael. The fact that he helps Michael find Sarek shows that the writers of the show want to give some focus to this.

This is somewhat of a Michael-centric episode, though she does share the time with Lorca somewhat. What is important though is that we see a change in Michael’s character. In finding out Sarek’s secret, she is in some ways freed from expectations of what she should be. The evidence of this being the case is when we see Tilly to find out who she wants to be, and not to be governed by others. While Tilly says the advice that Michael gave her is her chosen route, it is the fact that Michael tells her to make her own path that is important. While Michael has been trapped by the expectations of her Vulcan upbringing, she now sees it for what it is, and the lie that Sarek told.

When it comes to Lorca we look further into his character, and the worrying signs that things aren’t right with the character. In past episodes we’ve learnt about his past, and his foolhardy tactics. This week we see the repercussions of this as Admiral Cornwall, who obviously knows him well finally takes action. The fact she is captured by the Klingons may be a saving grace for Lorca, but his time is running out.

The fact that he is a danger to the ship though is going to obviously be a long running story arc, building up to the confrontation with Michael, the Mutineer. It is obvious that this is where the story is heading, and Michael of course is the one character who is always willing to bend the rules to do the right thing. The question is, however paranoid Lorca is, his character is similar because he too is bending the rules, even if in a more dangerous way.

The scenes with the Klingons this week highlight one problem with the show, and that is that they are very much in the background right now. They may capture some characters, and hint at building up the empire, but right now they don’t seem to have enough of an impact on Star Trek: Discovery.

While there are still certain things that are questionable about Star Trek: Discovery, each episode is steadily building up this new Star Trek universe well. We are being introduced to new characters, and finding out secrets of older more established ones, and that is what will keep the audience invested. Now to just keep on focusing on the things that work on the show, and will hopefully make it a success with fans.

****½  4.5/5

Star Trek: Discovery is available in the UK every Monday on Netflix

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