24th Oct2017

‘Pokemon: Shining Legends Pin Collection’ – Mewteo & Pickachu Unboxing/Review

by Kat Wheat

With Shining Legends, the latest expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game now available across the UK, along comes the next wave of the awesome pin collection boxes. The first two are Mewtwo and Pikachu – and judging by our experience, stock levels vary dependent on stores: unfortunately our local Smyths only had Mewtwo in stock instore but luckily enough Toys’R’Us are carrying the Pikachu Shining Legends Pin Collection in. Woohoo! Though our local TRU only had ONE Pickachu box left as of this past weekend!

The price for both of these were £15.99 in Smyths and Toys’R’us.

photo-2 photo-1

This expansion has over 70 cards (73 + 5 secret rares and energy cards) and not only features Shining Pokemon but also Legendary and Mythical Pokemon from across Pokemon’s history, as seen on the front of the packets.

The Pokemon TCG: Shining Legends Pin Collection – Mewtwo includes:

  • A never before seen promo card featuring Mewtwo
  • 1 collectors pin of Mewtwo
  • 3 Pokemon TCG Shining Legends Booster packs
  • A code card for the Pokemon trading card game online

The Pokemon TCG: Shining Legends Pin Collection – Pikachu includes:

  • 1 foil promo card featuring Pikachu
  • 1 collectors pin of Pikachu
  • 3 Pokemon TCG Shining Legends Booster packs
  • A code card for the Pokemon trading card game online



For the first time in many years, Pokemon TCG players have the chance to see and collect Shining Pokemon such as shining Jirachi and Shining Volcanion and are joined by Mythical and legendary Pokemon such as Shaymin, Marshadow and Mewtwo-GX


Unfortunately in my Mewtwo Pin Collection box I wasn’t lucky enough to pull these cards (I must pray harder to the Pokemon gods) but I did pull some legendary Pokemon: Virizion, Palkia and Reshiram. In my Pikachu Pin Collection box I wasnt any better off. I did get more mythical and legendary Pokemon though: Shaymin, another Reshiram and Latios.

Besides the online code that comes with the box, each booster pack also has an online code as well.

photo-6 photo-7

With one of my Pokeon: TCG online codes I did actually get Shining Volcanion, Shining Rayquaza and Hoopa but I would have much preferred getting the physical cards in one, or more, of my packs – they look so pretty… my precious!

Hopefully next time I will have better luck; and remember, if you wanna be the very best like no one ever was, you’ve gotta catch them all.


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