11th Oct2017

‘Voltron’ toys finally coming to the UK!

by Phil Wheat


If you’re anything like me you’ve been patietly waiting for the new line of Voltron toys, based on the new Netflix series Voltron: Legendary Defender, to hit the UK. Now set to air its THIRD season(!), the toys were originally released in the US to coincide with the debut of the show on Netflix. But there’s been no sign of the toys over here… until now.

Now, thanks to the show moving from Netflix to Sony’s free-to-air kids channel POP (home to the Power Rangers as well) Playmates/Flair are FINALLY set to unleash the first wave of Voltron: Legendary Defender toys here in Blighty. Yay!!

UK distributor Flair will roll out the toy line starting in April 2018. As per the US launch, the toy line will consist of six individual entry price Voltron figures (Blue, Red, Green, Black, and Yellow), as well as Voltron in its complete form. All five die cast items can be collected and combined to form a 16” Voltron (squee!). There will also be role-play toys available, for those who would rather BE Voltron thna play WITH Voltron

Voltron: Legendary Defender UK retail prices will start at £9.99 to £49.99 – which, given the cost of importing the toys, is a lot healthier for your wallet!

(Source: ToyNews-Online)

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