09th Oct2017

First trailer & poster for indie horror ‘Talon Falls’

by Phil Wheat

It’s Halloween month and Terror Films are prepping the VOD release of Talon Falls, which stars Morgan Wiggins, Ryan Rudolph, Jordyn Rudolph and Brad Bell; and is written and directed by Joshua Shreve. And that can only mean on thing – the debut of the films first trailer and poster!

This sinister tale follows a group of teenagers as they visit a Halloween Horror Theme Park, featuring gruesome exhibits, whose hosts are dressed to the ‘horror nines.’ The friends soon discover that the hyper realistic staged scares they are witnessing are very real and being performed on innocent victims, by a clan of murderous lunatics that inhabit the park. They must quickly figure a way out before they become the next live torture attraction.

Co-produced with the well-known Talon Falls Screampark located in Melber, Kentucky – where the movie was also shot – 50 lucky park-goers will be given free Talon Falls iTunes Digital Download code. Terror Films will be releasing Talon Falls (in the North American markets) across multiple digital platforms on Friday, October 13th – including: iTunes, Amazon Instant/Prime, Vudu, Google Play/You Tube, Xbox Live and more.






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