08th Oct2017

‘Ginger Snaps’ – Can It Be A New Breakthrough In the “Adult Cartoon” World?

by James Smith


Have you already heard about Ginger Snaps cartoon? If not, then it is just the time to learn more about these new adult cartoons series released this summer! I am confident that you have already seen at least one popular adult swim show like American Dad or Family Guy, and now I offer you to get familiar with a new creation in this genre – Ginger Snaps. It is a bit different from everything we have seen before.

Episodes are shorter, a bigger focus on real adult problems, and even more black humor – all of this you can find in these series and below you can find more information about this new show!

What Is Ginger Snaps?

This is the new digital series for adult audience presented by none other than Disney! People from all around the world already got used to the fact that multiplication and cartoons are no longer designed exclusively for children. During the last few decades we could observe some fun, unique, and quite successful animated projects for grown-ups like The Simpsons, Futurama, American Dad, Family Guy, South Park, and many others!

So what makes this one so special? Although today no one can be surprised by a cartoon that contains adult jokes or inappropriate scenes, we can be confident that the Walt Disney Company has never done anything like this before.

What Is It About?

Unlike some other adult cartoons like Family Guy, the plot of this show focuses not on families and relationships between the elder people, it tells us about a group of school girls. The main characters may seem like usual girl scouts at first. However, after only a few minutes you realize that it is not as innocent and sweet.

Girls have their own “business” – they sell cookies just like girl scouts do, but in fact, their approach to this business looks more like if they were a real mafia that controls the drug business. The cartoon is full of black humor. Not only these girls are ready to do everything possible to increase their business’s incomes, but they usually make jokes on quite serious issues like race, pedophilia, and other. Thus, in the first episode, you can watch girls turn someone’s cancer into a new way of earning more money, and you will see even more unusual things in the following episodes.

Can It Be A New Breakthrough In the “Adult Cartoon” World?

Without a doubt, adult cartoons have already found their audience, firmly hold high ratings, and still have a high demand among grown-ups. But it also seems that we have already seen everything, and nothing can really surprise us anymore and thus, it was difficult to give a specific answer to this question.

In total there are only nine episodes of this show. Currently, its rating is 7,5/10, which is a good result for a fresh series but, despite this fact, this cartoon is not yet widely-known and popular, as only a small number of people are aware of it.

Can we expect it to be a new “big thing”? Well, for myself, I can say that this cartoon stands out from the crowd of “typical” funny cartoons for adults that we know and this is something that can give it a significant chance of success. Unlike what we have seen before, the main highlight of this series is not an exciting plot, but the contrast that you really feel while watching it – the content is really adult, while the animation looks really child-friendly. And that is the central joke!

Another distinctive feature is a short length of episodes. Unlike some of the most popular shows, this one has episodes that are only 9-10 minutes long, and since every episode contains a new story, it is quite interesting to watch it. This is quite beneficial, especially for students! Why? You will not have to waste too much of your free time on watching the first season of this show and then wander around asking “please, help write my paper” because you had no time for this.

Thus, I can conclude that Ginger Snaps can be a nice way to have some leisure time if you are mature young person or adult, who is not taking everything too personally!


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