04th Oct2017

Scottish chiller ‘The Black Gloves’ to premiere at FrightFest Halloween 2017

by Phil Wheat

Lawrie Brewster’s eagerly awaited “Gothic Noir” The Black Gloves  – which tells the story of a psychologist obsessed with the disappearance of his young patient, and the menacing owl-headed figure that plagued her nightmares  – will screen at Horror Channel FrightFest’s Halloween extravaganza in London on October 28th.

The 1940s-set black and white chiller, The Black Gloves, the fourth feature from writer/director duo Sarah Daly and Lawrie Brewster of horror studio Hex Media, sees the return of the iconic Owl Man from their cult favourite Lord of Tears and stars Macarena Gómez (Dagon), Jamie Scott Gordon (The Unkindness of Ravens, Bonejangles), Alexandra Nicole Hulme (Lord of Tears, Girls) and Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser, Nightbreed).

Dr. Finn Galloway is a psychologist obsessed with the mysterious death of his young patient, and her belief in a strange and terrifying entity… the Owlman. Since her death, Finn has devoted his life to discovering the true nature of her delusion. He finds that she is not the only one to have complained of being stalked by such as figure. Others too have described this terrifying long-limbed creature with its great black eyes , but all who spoke of the monster are now dead or disappeared.

All but one. Finn learns of a once-famous ballerina who now lives in crippling fear of the same disturbing figure… the so-called Owlman. In the desolate Baldurrock Estate, a former orphanage in the bleak Scottish Highlands, he finds the ballerina hidden away under the watchful eye of her sinister guardian, Lorena Velasco.

Finn begins to unravel the truth of the Owlman conspiracy, and soon finds himself entangled in a murky web of dangerous secrets and dark desires. To survive, he must battle a force of unimaginable evil – a nightmare foe like no other

The Black Gloves is an international co-production between Hex Media and Dark Dunes Productions in association with 3rd Monkey Productions, 7 Toes Productions, Needle’s Eye Productions and Lights Out Productions.

Day passes and single tickets are available from http://frightfest.nutickets.com/



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