03rd Oct2017

‘WWE 2K18’ – More details on MyPLAYER & Road To Glory: plus update to Universe Mode!

by Phil Wheat


2K have today released details on two new features for WWE 2K18MyPLAYER and Road To Glory, which is a completely new online experience where MyPLAYERS from all over the world battle against each other. As well as the updated Universe Mode which, in WWE 2K18, features new rivalry types, Intensity, Power Rankings, updated calendars and several other additions and improvements.


This year, players will create their MyPLAYER characters, which get stronger and more powerful along with player progression, to use in both MyCAREER and Road To Glory.A MyPLAYER is an upgradable character that gets stronger and more powerful along with the player’s progression in both Road to Glory and MyCAREER. On the MyPLAYER home screen, there are several customization and upgrade options for your MyPLAYER – in addition to being the portal to MyCAREER and Road to Glory. The MyPLAYER WIZARD makes it super easy and quick to create a basic MyPLAYER. We’ve set up several pillars for character creation in a way that focuses on delivering the most impact right out of the gate, including: Basic Info; Appearance; Fighting Style; Weight Class; Height; Attire; Moves/Taunts; and Presentation (Entrance/ Victory). All of which are FURTHER customisable through EDIT MyPLAYER and Upgrades.

For more info on MyPLAYER, check out the official WWE 2K blog post – which goes into extensive detail on what is newly available in this mode.

Road To Glory

Road To Glory is a completely new online experience where MyPLAYERS from all over the world battle against each other. Players can compete daily in a variety of match types to gain stars, boosts, Superstar parts and VC. In addition, by increasing their levels, they can further customize their MyPLAYERs to gain the advantage over others. Overall, players are encouraged to see if they have what it takes to secure entry into pay-per-view events and defeat their favorite WWE Superstars to earn special rewards. Players can battle head-to-head against other MyPLAYERS to earn stars and qualify for pay-per-view events. They simply start matchmaking by pressing FIND MATCH when they get to the Road To Glory main screen, and the game will find you a worthy opponent. TONIGHT’S EVENT is the daily match event that cycles every 24 hours and features a different match type. You might see a ladder match one day and a steel cage match on another. TONIGHT’S EVENT also cycles through different arenas, like WWE Raw or NXT, as well as classic venues like WCW Monday Nitro. Players are encouraged to check back every day and see what is next up for TONIGHT’S EVENT.

Again, or more info on Road To Glory check out the official WWE 2K blog post.

Universe Mode – Updates


New for this year, rivalries are separated into two types: Potential Rivalries and Active Rivalries. As the Superstars compete in their matches, perform promos or perform run-ins on each other, a Potential Rivalry will be established between them. Looking at the Rivalries menu, you can see a meter for each Potential rivalry and the state it’s in. This meter will build up as the interactions continue between the potential rivals during their matches. Once the meter is full, it’ll enter a “Standby” state and move into the next available Active Rivalry slot in the following show. Think of Potential Rivalries as the build-up to a full-fledged rivalry between Superstars.


Intensity is a new addition this year, and it’s in both Potential and Active Rivalries. Intensity determines what’s likely to happen between the Superstars in a Rivalry and should help you identify from just a glance in the menus what kind of rivalry is taking place. Intensity has four different color-coded levels:

  • Low (Green): Sportsman-like conduct between the rivals; in short, a “friendly” rivalry;
  • Medium (Yellow): Rivals are disrespectful and confrontational or growing frustrated from being on the losing end;
  • High (Orange): Rivals are resorting to and responding with cheap shots and distractions against each other;
  • Very High (Red): The rivalry has become hostile, with Superstars attacking each other.

The Intensity of a rivalry will vary based on the interaction between the Superstars and is certainly likely to increase the longer the rivalry goes on. For example, a rivalry may start off at Medium Intensity after a call-out promo and then change to a High Intensity after one rival sucker-punches the other in the following week’s match. Players creating their own rivalries can choose the level of Intensity as well, increasing the possibilities further on what kinds of rivalries you can create.

Power Rankings

New to this year are Power Rankings, which will rank each Superstar in your Universe based on  success. While championships define the best Superstars of a show, Power Rankings are useful for finding out who’s the best Superstar in all of Universe. Winning high profile matches, earning championships and coming out ahead in rivalries will elevate Superstars up these Power Rankings.


One of the challenges we’ve faced with Universe is trying to articulate specific motivations for the Superstars. It’s easy to say everyone wants a championship, but there’s a lot more depth than that when you watch WWE’s broadcasting. As a result, we’ve implemented personal goals for Superstars that they can chase after as they compete in Universe.

Once again, for more info, and a more indepth look at the changes to the Universe mode – check out the WWE 2K blog post from Universe Mode Designer Cristo Kyriazis

WWE 2K18 is currently scheduled for worldwide release on October 17th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC, as well as in Fall 2017 for Nintendo Switch.



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