19th Sep2017

Pop Addled: Retro Movie Special – Resident Evil: Apocalypse

by Phil Wheat


Another week, another episode of the Pop Addled podcast, part of the ever-growing podcast roster here on Nerdly!

Pop Addled is a pop culture podcast with nerd tendencies. Join Keenan, Sam and Timmy as they discuss movies, music, video games, sports, TV, comics, and any intersection thereof. Their brains have been thoroughly addled by pop culture and they’re here to share their twisted thoughts with you!

If you haven’t heard the show yet, you can check out old episode on Libsyn and iTunes; and we’ll be bringing you the latest episodes each and every week (and sometimes more than that!)…

Pop Addled: Retro Movie Special – Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

The supergroup of PopAddled+DoomThugs is back together to discuss the sequel to Resident Evil! Please rate, review, and enjoy!

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