29th Aug2017

‘Twin Peaks 3×16’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


In David Lynch, we trust. That should be what all Twin Peaks fans are thinking right now. What he and Mark Frost have given us in the 16th episode in this return is nothing short of perfect, and is sum of all of the parts that have come before it. Now next week, we have the two episodes that will hopefully cap off one of the best television shows to ever make it to the screen.

After Dougie’s (Kyle MacLachlan) encounter with the electricity outlet an old friend finally makes his return and has one destination in mind; Twin Peaks. Meanwhile Evil Coop and Richard Horne  (Eamon Farren) follow co-ordinates to a rock, with dire consequences for Horne. While all this is happening, Diane (Laura Dern) finally remembers what happened at her last encounter with Cooper.

For all the complaints that this season of Twin Peaks was moving slow, and wasn’t revealing enough, this episode is the answer. The moment that fans have been waiting for finally arrives, and it is perfect. Even the question of what would happen with Janey-E (Naomi Watts) and Sonny Jim (Pierce Gagnon).

The hint at what will happen for Dougie’s family is the fact that Cooper asks for another “seed” which suggests that Dougie may make a return. The answer as to what Dougie and the other people that have been created by Evil Cooper are is also answered, but in the actions of Diane.

We’ve known for weeks that we she isn’t to be trusted, and that she may (or may not) have been working with Evil Coop. This week we see her “activated” to reveal the truth to Gordon Cole (David Lynch) and attempt to assassinate him, and the rest of the Blue Rose agents. Thankfully this doesn’t happen, and Diane is revealed to be a Tulpa. Which is a “mind-made body”…don’t worry, it’s a Buddhism thing.

What I loved about the Las Vegas scenes this week, is the way everything came together. This included dealing with the issue of Chantal (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and Hutch (Tim Roth). It was also good to see that the Mitchum brothers got to play a part in helping get things moving towards Twin Peaks. It was quite heart-warming when they were told how kind-hearted they were, to which Candie (Amy Shiels) of course agreed.

Then of course there is Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) who finally made it to the Roadhouse. The moment she starts her dance, it is clear that things are not as they seem. Being Twin Peaks though, we tend to just go for the ride. What was so good about the scene though was not only seeing her dance, but a big hint as to where Audrey actually is. Most exciting for me is that it goes some way to confirming what I thought about Audrey all along, so it will be interesting to see where the next two episodes take us.

This week’s Twin Peaks episode was perfect, it gave us everything we want from the show. We have our big return, Audrey’s story is being opened up just in time for the finale, and we even got a hint that Cooper was Richard Horne’s father. Next week’s double bill will bring the story to end. The question is, will it be given the answers we truly want?

***** 5/5

Twin Peaks airs in the UK on Sky Atlantic, now on Tuesdays, though it can be watched On Demand on Mondays.

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