28th Aug2017

Frightfest 2017 Interview: Kurtis Harder discusses ‘Incontrol’

by Stuart Wright

Time for another Frightfest 2017 as our host Stuart Wright talks to writer/director Kurtis Harder about his film Incontrol, which just had it’s European Premiere as part of this years festival. You can check out our Incontrol review right here.

You can be anyone you want to be! A group of university students discover a weird device that allows them to take control of others and experience the world through someone else’s body. As they push the machine’s abilities to its limits, they don’t realise their own lives have been manipulated and as they begin to question the device itself, they find themselves descending into a nightmare with no return. THE MATRIX meets THE SORCERERS in a compelling and provocative sci-fi horror exploring deep moral questions about psyche, personality, addiction and taking actions to their extreme outer limits.

The Horror Channel Frightfest takes place August 24th – 28th 2017 at both the Empire Cinema and Prince Charles Cinema in London’s Leicester Square.



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