21st Aug2017

Frightfest 2017 Interview: ‘Mindhack’ writer/director Royce Gorsuch

by Stuart Wright


In the first of todays FrightFest 2017 interview, host Stuart Wright talks to writer/director Royce Gorsuch, whose film Mindhack has its European Premiere at this years Frightfest on Friday August 25th.

A brilliant scientist is on a mission to hack the human mind to save humanity from its own catastrophic errors and is pushed to do whatever is necessary to complete the assignment. An extraordinary visionary experience about the inner conflicts of being a culture-jamming creator, director Royce Gorsuch’s kaleidoscopic mindbender is an astonishingly visual tour de force about the cacophony of voices in our heads pushing us, confusing us, mixing signals, the ego, reason, and the mistaken evils which might come from accomplishing the goal. An inner space odyssey through reconciliation, forgiveness and self-sacrifice for the greater good.

The Horror Channel Frightfest takes place August 24th – 28th 2017 at both the Empire Cinema and Prince Charles Cinema in London’s Leicester Square.


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