08th Aug2017

‘Twin Peaks 3×13’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


While last week’s Twin Peaks may have concentrated on trials and tribulations of the smaller people, this week we got back to the what the Doppelganger (Kyle MacLachlan) is getting up to. Giving us an arm wrestling competition we’ll never forget, we were also treated to a bit of nostalgia.

With Dougie reaping the rewards of his encounter with Bradley and Rodney Mitchum (John Belushi and Robert Knepper) it seems he brings luck to all of those around him. With the Doppelganger finding out a few surprising things about his escape from prison, he manages to catch the attention of a watching Richard Horne (Eamon Farren).

It may be funny to watch the Dougie scenes, but this week it is the other side of Cooper that gets the best scenes. The arm wrestling that he takes part in with Ranzo (Derek Mears) is a sign of just how much power he has. It is also interesting that somebody wants to get him (or at least Bob) back where they belong. It is interesting that the name Phillip Jeffries is mentioned again, but this time working against him, is Coop running out of allies?

Richard Horne’s witnessing of the Doppelganger and what he can do is important because it appears to bring the two characters together. There are plenty of theories as to the connection of Richard and Cooper, so it will be interesting to see if this is confirmed. When it comes to the other members of the Horne clan, we again get to see Audrey (Sherilyn Fenn) and I’m sure I’m not the only one seeing some weirdness around her situation. Charlie (Clark Middelton) is the only character we see around her, and he acts as a gateway to the outside world. It is blocked right now, and it goes some way to confirming what I’m thinking about her character.

When it comes to the other smaller characters, it was nice to see Dr. Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn) stop by Nadine’s (Wendy Robie) store. It is a nice payoff to the scenes we’ve seen in the past of her watching his show, and of course Jacoby and his shovels. This is just one of the good examples of the tightly woven plot that David Lynch and Mark Frost have created. These two characters may not play a big part in the main plot, but they are well-loved by the fans and we get to see that the strange life of Twin Peaks is still going on.

On the subject of smaller characters, we also get to finally see Ed (Everett McGill) return to the show. His love for Norma (Peggy Lipton) is obviously still there, even if she appears to once again be more involved with others.

The song choice for this week’s show will also get the nostalgia feelings flowing for many fans. James Hurley (James Marshall) takes to the stage, and that should say enough. Yep, he sings the song from the original show which is yet another poking at the fans minds. Things don’t change in Twin Peaks, both good and bad.

The importance of this week’s episode of Twin Peaks is to further the story of the Doppelganger, and tease at the coming together of the two sides of Cooper. Duality is becoming more important, and the past is returning. What Evil Cooper has created is an imbalance to the world, and his arm wrestling competition highlighted one thing. The rest position is where things are more comfortable, right now he is applying pressure to the world that brings pain and imbalance…just how long before things return to the rest position that he teased?

***** 5/5

Twin Peaks airs in the UK on Sky Atlantic, apparently now on Tuesdays to make way for Game of Thrones. Though it can be watched on Demand on Mondays.

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