01st Aug2017

‘Twin Peaks 3×12’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


If you were looking for any big revelations this week in Twin Peaks, it looks like you are out of luck. One thing that is obvious though is a storm is brewing, and it is always the quietest before the storm…

While Dougie (Kyle MacLachlan) is living his Las Vegas life, It looks evil Cooper is using Diane (Laura Dern) to keep a check on if the FBI are making their way there yet. Meanwhile in Twin Peaks, Ben Horne (Richard Beymer) finds out about his grandson’s latest bad behaviour, and another Horne finally makes a reappearance.

If Twin Peaks fans know anything, it is that you need to have patience with David Lynch and Matt Frost’s show. This week though some fans will really feel like they are being tested. In my view there are reasons things are moving so slow, and it is to prepare us for the fact that we are in the final part of the season and things are going to get a little crazy.

While we don’t get to see much of Kyle MacLachlan this week, that doesn’t mean that mysteries aren’t being investigated. This week we finally find out where Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) is, as well as being introduced to her husband Charlie (Clark Middleton). More a marriage of convenience, we are treated to a scene where she wants to go find her lover, which Charlie doesn’t want to help her with.

What this scene does though is to hint as to where her location is. She wants to go to the Bang Bang Club (The Roadhouse) which means she is in the Twin Peaks area. The fact she is looking for a guy named Billy is interesting because in part 7 of the show, the random “has anybody seen Billy?” at the end of the episode seems to be related.

What is interesting about the reintroduction of Audrey is the fact she makes no mention of her son, and she appears to be totally isolated away from her family. What is clear though is that this is a different and more grown up Audrey than we’ve seen in the past. She is cold, and lacks the life which she once had. If anything, this is not the life you would expect Audrey to be in. I have a theory why this may be, but I’ll save it until it is either confirmed or debunked.

Other than Audrey, the FBI scenes are interesting because they continue the game of Diane vs Gordon Cole (David Lynch). Her text message about Las Vegas clued in the agents that she is still in contact with outside forces, but in deputising her they also pulled her closer into the fold. The way that Dern is playing the role though, it is becoming clear that she is conflicted, which may mean she will come good in the end.

While episode 12 is continuing the slow progression towards some kind of finale for the season, we are still learning a lot. It was a nice touch for example to go over what a Blue Rose case is, and what its origins are. It was also interesting to see Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie), but who has she hidden in her house? And why is she scared of the jerky in the store? This is something we’ll never know.

Twin Peaks is testing the patience of some of the audience right now, but we have to stick with it. Lynch and Frost have created a season that will provide us with answers, and we have to trust their pacing as to where it will lead us. Just trust the fact we are almost there, and enjoy how good the show is, because when it is over, we’ll be begging for more.

***** 5/5

Twin Peaks airs in the UK on Sky Atlantic, apparently now on Tuesdays to make way for Game of Thrones. Though it can be watched on Demand on Mondays.

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