29th Jun2017

Asmodee Digital release ‘Spot It! Duel – A Dobble Game’ on iOS and Android

by Phil Wheat

Asmodee Digital have announced the global release of Spot It! Duel – A Dobble Game for iOS and Android, which brings the quick-paced, addictive symbol-matching fun of Asmodee’s record-selling tabletop card game, Dobble to mobile devices… For free!

Since its debut in 2009, the Dobble franchise has sold over 10 million units worldwide, becoming a party game phenomenon among families and fans around the world, and winning numerous prestigious toy awards along the way. Co-developed by Asmodee Digital and Virtuos Games, Spot It! Duel – A Dobble Game is the brand’s first-ever freemium mobile adaptation.

From the press release:

In Spot It” Duel – A Dobble game, players match symbols as fast as they can, collecting rewards, Dobble characters and bragging rights along the way. Building up bigger combos will score extra points, but players must balance their strategy and speed to survive. The game’s vibrant presentation and simple play mechanics are perfectly accessible for all ages, but increasingly difficult challenges will keep even the fastest fans on their feet. In short, Spot It” Duel – A Dobble game is a family game night just waiting to happen.

“Given the enormous popularity of Dobble! with people of all ages around the world, recreating the classic, fan-favourite experience in a digital adaptation was truly a labour of love. We worked hand-in-hand with Virtuos to make Spot It” Duel – A Dobble game one of the best games in the franchise, both for the existing community and newcomers alike,” says Asmodee Digital.

In Arena Mode, each player chooses one Dobble character from their collection to battle head-to-head against an opponent. Tougher arenas filled with more ferocious adversaries await as players climb the leaderboard and claim greater rewards. Spot It” Duel – A Dobble game also features new ways to play against friends and other players worldwide, including Special Events with unique rules for added variety. The classic Dobble experience comes to life in Challenge Mode, where players can sharpen their reflexes, earning special rewards as they master new rules, and build a collection of Dobbles – each with unique skills to train and customize. Solo challenges include Classic, Speed and Combo Master rule variations.

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