27th Jun2017

Frighfest fave franchise ‘Hatchet’ to get ongoing comic

by Phil Wheat

2006’s Hatchet reinvented the wheel for American slasher movies and was such a success that not one but TWO sequels followed – and now the franchise is being reborn in comic form. yes, Adam Green’s horror seris is return to the sawmps in a new comic from American Mythology, who previously published the one-shot Hatchet #0. Check out the press release and the FIVE variant covers for issue one below:

From the press release:

Come with us back to Honey Island Swamp for a brand new tale of horror at the hands of Victor Crowley. It’s 1983 and a group of college kids with aspirations of creating the next blockbuster horror franchise set out to find the place where New Orleans most notorious boogeyman lived. Victor Crowley waits for those foolish enough to enter his swamp and disturb his nightmare cycle. This is old school horror returned to comics with Adam Green’s vision of rage and terror unleashed on the comics’ page. If you loved Hatchet #0 – don’t miss the brand new heaping helping of horror right here! HATCHET #1 comes with five covers – Main Massacre by Richard Bonk, Full Moon by Greg LaRocque, Gore by Andrew Mangum, Hand of Horror by Buz Hasson & Ken Haeser, and a special Rated MR for Horror Limited Edition Cover.







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