26th Jun2017

Watch Now: New trailer for Albert Pyun’s ‘Interstellar Civil War’

by Phil Wheat

It was almost four years ago when one of my favourite directors, Albert Pyun, announced his retirement… A retirement that didn’t last long! Now on his 54th(!) film, Pyun is back behind the camera, after a brief sabbatical, once again exploring the realms of low-budget film making. In the case of his latest – Interstellar Civil War (originally titled Galactic Rangers and the Cyborg Witch of Endor AND also known as Star Warfare Warriors and the Cyborg Witch of Endor) – in particular exploring the idea of intergalactic space war. Says Pyun:

I was always curious about the behind the scenes aspect of the power of a space opera. My idea was to make a Sci-Fi Galactic version of Lion in Winter or A Man for All Seasons. To explore the human perspective behind all the war and mayhem in a futuristic galactic Empire sounded fascinating. I was influenced by some of the great historical films of the 60’s, 70’s, and 90’s, particularly Ridley Scott’s director’s cut of Kingdom of Heaven. I thought that a rebellion and crisis that erupts in the all-powerful Imperial Galaxy was an excellent basis to study the underlying politics in a real way and the terrible cost of a conflict, any conflict, actually. I wanted the movie to explore how a ruling system of government – no matter how stable and noble – and how a rebellion springing from an avoidable tragedy and cultural and religious zeal, is so willing to use their populations as simply cannon fodder to advance each side’s political and religious views through war and killing.

Interstellar Civil War (aka Interstellar Civil War: Guardians of the Future) stars Brad Thornton, Ellie Church, Kelsey Carlisle, Paul Gunn, Clare Hoak, Tommie Vegas, Jennie Carroll, Ashley Campbell, Nathan Ferrier, Nick Rush, Fulvia Santoni, Moorea Wolf, Anastasiya Vasilyeva, Scottie Jax and Cat Cakmis. Check out the trailer below:





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