26th Jun2017

‘Doctor Who 10×11: World Enough and Time’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


When you know that Missy (Michelle Gomez) and The Master (John Simm) are going to meet in this episode (no, not a spoiler) you know that there is going to be some timey wimey shenanigans going on. In this episode of Doctor Who that is exactly what we get, with an equal measure of déjà vu to add to the confusion. Looking for the good in Missy, The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) takes her on a mission. When Bill (Pearl Mackie) is put in danger though, he finds that his decision may have been a little rash, especially when an old face makes a reappearance, along with another returning enemy just to complicate things.

If you are a fan of Doctor Who, you’ll feel some déjà vu around this episode, and it has to do with The Master. Looking back all the way to Utopia, the fact that The Doctor and his companions are on a huge spaceship and a disguise is used, is very reminiscent as to how John Simm was introduced in the first place. Getting past that though and focusing on the Mondasian Cyberman, things are much more interesting. There is almost a noir like feel to the setting for the birth of these Cybermen in this episode, and it is such a slow burner that you can’t help but have a feeling of dread. This comes as a surprise as you would assume this would be a high-level episode, which it isn’t.

Once again, we are looking at a Doctor who wants to be the hero, to save Missy and show she is good, and while we don’t see her turn fully evil, there is an assumption that this may be the case. There is also a huge price paid which may not be taken back. It is mind-blowing in a way, and the perfect setup for next week, but in some ways the effect of the twist is dulled by previous episodes.

What we’ve seen in this season of Doctor Who is life threatening situations being continually thrown at us, and The Doctor being able to fix it. The audience is almost desensitised to it now, and I’ll admit that I wasn’t effected quite as much as I wanted to be. What we’ll have to see though is exactly what happens, and how things are fixed. Unless of course they are not fixed at all.

There is also another teaser of things to come at the very start of the episode, I won’t go into much detail about it, but this being a Steven Moffat written episode there is obviously some misdirection to what takes place. It may be a clue though as to how The Doctor can save the day, whatever the cost may be. I think I’ve managed to discuss that little part without a spoiler.

When it comes to seeing Michelle Gomez and John Simm on the screen at the same time, you’ll already know where The Master has been hiding, even before the big reveal. It is easy to see, and as I already mentioned, there are elements of Utopia in this episode. Even with that, it is good to see the big reveal and to listen to The Master reveal all. It is the perfect set-up for the big finale next week, and it is hard not to get excited for what is to come.

There have been better episodes in this season of Doctor Who, but World Enough and Time does live up to expectations. In many ways, it goes against what was expected, and presents something to the audience which is actually quite creepy. Now to see how The Doctor and his companions can survive the battle against The Masters and The Cybermen next week.

***** 5/5

Doctor Who airs in the UK on BBC 1 on Saturdays.

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