22nd Jun2017

Needle in a [Comic] Haystack #5: ‘Moonlighters’

by Tara Marie


Hi! Welcome back to Needle in a [Comic] Haystack, where I tell you about where you should spend your money, because you are probably only buying cape comics, and c’mon, haven’t we all had enough of them? Today we’re going to deal with a brand-new series by Katie Schenkel and Cal Moray about teenage werewolves, queerness, a supernatural team, and every furry’s dream smashing into each other to create a really awesome and fun comic from the outstanding team at Space Goat.

[One word: I do know Schenkel personally, but this comic is still super great]

What do you do when you’re bitten by a werewolf and have no one to turn to? If you’re college student Renee — the audience surrogate/lead of Moonlighters – you go to the nearest agency that deals with supernatural creatures. Unfortunately, as Renee finds, it’s not so much an agency to help people deal with supernatural creatures, as it is an agency to help supernatural creatures find help when they can’t (like if they have a cat stuck up a tree and the fire department won’t answer).

This ragtag group of goofballs, it turns out, are all also werewolves – but unlike Renee, all of them were born that way. Someone is out there turning humans. Who? And will it interfere with all of the cute romance that’s in the air? Hopefully not.


If you like X-Files, this is a series you’ll love. If you’ve always wanted to see a group of queers together being happy, you’ll dig it. Heck, if you love just fun comics, you’ll want to check this out.

Now, to stop being just a general comics recommender person, and talk to a smaller percentage of people: Hi, the queers. I’m queer too. And it’s hard for me to find a comic with depictions of people like me that aren’t… shocking, horrifying, or weird. It’s hard to find people who are just, you know, people. This comic – despite the people being, you know, werewolves – is one of the best depictions of queer people ever. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s nice to be able to look at a comic filled with queer people and just smile. If you’ve ever felt the need for something nice, here you go.

This is the comic you should give to your queer children, if you have any. This is the comic you’ll re-read on sunny days, or read on sad days when everything seems low. It’s soft and sweet and happy and it’s available on Comixology. Go grab a copy, you won’t be disappointed.

That’s all for now. See you next time, folks. Until then, happy Pride Month!


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