17th Jun2017

‘Night Owl Society #3’ Review (IDW)

by Dan Clark

Written by James Venhaus | Art by Pius Bak | Published by IDW


Oh what could have been? One of the most shocking elements of the final issue of this series is that is the final issue. The first two issues were great building to something really impressive. Then with this final issue a marathon is suddenly shifted into a sprint and the story is propelled forward to get the desired conclusion. If this was given two or possibly just one more issue it would have made for a much stronger series.

The interaction between David and his father is the best example of this. Their relationship was just reveled in the final panel of last issue and now it is already reaching its conclusion. James Venhaus does provide some back story and what is there is well done. We see how David had to grow up with this cruel father who only cared about making him into a man.. The issue is when the only thing shown is their combative side the dissemination of their relationship is not nearly as impacting. They never appeared to care about each other so seeing them get to the point where they are willing to kill each other is not nearly as surprising as it should be.

What is so frustrating about this issue is you can elements being built that could have led to some fantastic comics. It is like watching a clipshow for a television series that never aired. James Venhaus and Pius Bak  have created some great characters and need to do more work together soon. Maybe the plan was always to do three issues but if that is the case this story should have been plotted much better.

People often forget IDW does actually put out books that are not based on licensed prosperities. Perhaps that is why this got lost in the shuffle. Despite its disappointing final issue Night Owl Society is a series I would recommend as it has me excited for whatever James Venhaus and Pius Bak will do next.

**½  2.5/5


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