15th Jun2017

‘Youngblood #2’ & ‘Eternal Empire #2’ Review

by Dan Clark

Youngblood #2


Written by Chad Bowers | Art by Jim Towe | Published by Image Comics

Youngblood #2 is an improvement from the first issue but still suffers from many of the same demoralizing issues. Two issues in the narrative is still impenetrable for anyone who is still not well versed in the lore of Youngblood. Creating some compelling characters would be a welcome assist for overcoming that problem, but so far this comes off as a series that is being too precious with its past.

Yes, we live in a world where the idea of a reboot is overdone, and Youngblood has failed to reboot in the past so there is base for that apprehension. The key though is those past series failed due to lack of interest. For this to work you will need new readers. You may get some first for simply curiosity purposes but as someone who has an interest in the property my own desire to keep reading this is weaning.

In this issue, we do find out more regarding this superhero app and how there may be more malevolent intentions behind it. Previously it came off as a desperate way to seem relevant now it seems like it will have some major story implications. So there those initial impressions may have been incorrect.

In all honesty, if some major changes and improvements are not made I do not see this new addition to Youngblood lasting longer than the first arc. I am unsure if it a byproduct of improper crafting or simply the ingredients have long passed their expiration date so no one would be able to make this book work.

** 2/5

Eternal Empire #2


Written by Sarah Vaughn, Jonathan Luna | Art by: Jonathan Luna | Published by Image Comics

Eternal Empire #2 is a enjoyable yet frustrating read. There is strong evidence this will be a good series…eventually. These first two issues have been light on story and heavy on mystery. Issue two starts very similar to the first issue as the identity of the hooded figure from the closing of last issue is revealed. Similar to the character from issue one he is also compelled by visions to travel outside his confined land.

The who, the what, and the why are still unknown at this point. Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Lunae are clearly playing the long game. Any chance I get to see Jonathan Luna’s art I will take it, but this narrative needs something more soon to hook you into the story they are trying to tell. Having characters you do not really know propelled by a force they themselves do not understand makes getting invested a challenge.

Comics are a challenging medium as you have two different types of storytelling going on at the same time. On one hand you are trying to craft monthly chapters that feel complete on their while still feeling part of a larger whole. Eternal Empire right now is not striking that balance. Reading it in trade may be the way to go as two issues in the narrative so far is rather hallow.

*** 3/5


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