13th Jun2017

‘LEGO Star Wars Set #75167: Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack’ Review

by Phil Wheat


It’s Summer, so you know what that means… New LEGO sets.! And this Summer has seen a bevy of new Star Wars themed sets hit the shelves, including what has to be one of the best-value licensed sets ever released: the Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack!

LEGO’s line of “battle packs” are an interesting proposition for mini figure collectors. Whilst the sets are typically packed with four figures, most of them are army-building figures at best (though that’s not necessarily a bad thing). However it’s all change when it comes to this latest battle pack, which includes four unmissable minifigures.

Yes, the LEGO Star Wars Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack (that’s a mouthful) is packed with bounty hunter mini figures – as the [obvious] name suggests – including a couple of my favourites from the old Kenner toy line:  Bossk and Dengar, who I distinctly remember being a mail-away figure that – if memory serves – was available at one time via tokens collected on Weetabix cereal boxes; plus 4-Lom and IG-88 figures! Add your existing Boba Fett to those and you have the complete bounty hunter line-up from THAT short, yet memorable, scene in The Empire Strikes Back.

I suppose, even though everyone is going to buy this set for the mini figures, I should mention the included “Speeder Bike” which is a brand-new design exclusive to this set. Part speeder bike and part pod racer, the vehicle at least looks cool – the mix of grey, black and blue pieces really make the design pop, even if the vehicle never actually appears anywhere in Star Wars canon! Build time on the speeder bike is pretty quick, sub 30-minutes, which means that the real play value is after the build, as you recreate that, albeit brief, scene from Empire and have the four bounty hunters track down the scruffy nerf-herder Han Solo!

Small note: the speeder bike comes with a backpack to attach to the rear of the vehicle and you have to make a backpack for Dengar. I didn’t. I switched the two and the vehicle doesn’t really need that part and Dengar look a damn sight better with an official, moulded, backpack rather than the odd abomination that is the buildable version!

Of the figures it’s Bossk that is the standout and that’s even with 4-Lom appearing for the FIRST TIME EVER in a LEGO set here! Maybe its because the design is so distinctive, or perhaps because the colour scheme really works on this small scale, whatever the reason this particular bounty hunter is the leader of this [battle] pack. Unfortunately, apart from IG-88, all the minifigures on this set come with your standard stud-shooters rather than the blasters you’d expect these bad-ass characters to have.

Of course this isn’t the first time we’ve seen bounty hunter LEGO mini figures before (only 4-Lom is new here) but having all four characters in a set that only costs £11.99 (yes LESS than £12!) is a bargain – making this a must-buy for LEGO collectors and Star Wars fans alike.


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