02nd Jun2017

‘Fugitives’ DVD Review

by Joel Harley

Stars: Dominic Purcell, Luke Mably, Marie Avgeropoulos, Claudia Church, Chelsea Edmundson, Stephen Lang, Tricia Helfer | Written by Shane Dax Taylor, Chad Law | Directed by Shane Dax Taylor


A genre-standard bickering couple take their woes to a small island in the Bahamas, where they hope to patch things up and get back on the right track. That track puts them on the same path as two other couples; the charismatic William and Mary (Stephen Lang and Claudia Church) and the horny Max and Nina (Dominic Purcell and Marie Avgeropoulos). While out wining and dining with the former, their beach house is ransacked and robbed. But whodunit? And will they stop at robbery?

With a story which slow-burns like an incense candle, ambling along at a languid pace, Fugitives (aka Isolation) is not the action-heavy gunfight-palooza its cast and synopsis might suggest. Even the normally terrifying Stephen Lang is in laid-back mode here, letting Dominic Purcell (of all people!) do the scenery-chewing. Luke Mably and Tricia Helfer play it straight; a dullard couple trying to put his past infidelities behind them. Their story might massively (and almost directly, later on) rip off Dead Calm, but neither of them is much of a Sam Neill or Nicole Kidman. for that matter

What Fugitives does have going for it is some beautiful visuals and a twisting, turning story reminiscent of (a less ambitious) A Perfect Getaway, and spousal arguing that puts one in mind of Long Weekend. The action – when it comes – is slick and lively, making the most of its idyllic setting. The ocean breeze obviously brings out the best in Purcell too, who delivers one of his least wooden performances to date (outside of a DC TV series, anyway). This, bolstered by a genuinely charming Lang and Church, helps the film to rise above the rest of the low-budget action flotsam and jetsam.

Never mind the underlying unoriginality and predictability; for all its flaws, Fugitives is a sunny, fun way to kill ninety minutes.

Fugitives is released on DVD on June 5th from 101 Films.


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