31st May2017

‘Steve Rogers: Captain America #17’ & ‘Secret Warriors #2’ Review(s)

by Dan Clark


Steve Rogers: Captain America #17

Written by Nick Spencer | Art by Andres Guinaldo | Published by Marvel Comics

There has been a lot of things said regarding the current state of Marvel and one of the biggest issues that needs to be addressed is the inconsistency of art in some of their biggest books. While having multiple artist is not ideal, that issue is only compounded when that art is simply not very good. Considering this is tied into the biggest Marvel event going it is down right shocking to find some panels that are amateur level. Nick Spencer is writing a quality script and it simply deserves better.

In the issue Steve Rogers decides to sit down for an on camera interview in order to boast about the success the country is now facing under Hydra rule, however the reporter he faces off with quickly shows she is willing to ask the tough questions despite the consequences. With this framework we actually get a lot of background regarding this current world including what has happened to both the Inhumans and the X-Men.

Spencer’s script is strong here as the tension in the interview slowly builds to a boiling point. Sure this was basically an excuse to layout a bunch of exposition, but at least it was handled well. The issue comes from the aforementioned art. When your comic is built on conversation you need to have panels filled with quality acting. That was by no means the case. Whether it is the strict deadlines these artist have to meet or the sheer amount of content they have to keep up with, something is amiss when the biggest comic book company in the world is putting out substandard content.

*** 3/5

Secret Warriors #2

Written by Matthew Rosenberg | Art by Javi Garron | Published by Marvel Comics

Marvel simply cannot quit the Inhumans. Although the title may say otherwise this book has quickly become another attempt to make these Inhuman characters work. This time though two characters in Moon Girl and Ms. Marvel that have found success and placing them in this team in hopes this will succeed where others failed.

So far there are pieces that work well, but I cannot shake the fact the majority of the characters feel like generic copies of better characters. Inferno, for example, is set as the heart of this book but lacks any redeeming qualities. He is just one of many Inhuman characters that has failed to get over with readers.

This issue does help build the world of Secret Empire as it gives us a ground level view of the way of the world. That along with Matthew Rosenberg’s strong wit and Javier Garron’s quality art make it worth reading, but I cannot help but feel worry this series will get bogged down by this tiresome Inhumans agenda.

** 2/5


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