18th May2017

‘God Country #5’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Written by Donny Cates | Art by Geoff Shaw, Jason Wordie, John J. Hill | Published by Image Comics


First off, I would like to thank writer Donny Cates for pumping the brakes for a second with issue #5 of this balls to the wall story. Secondly, once again he has added yet another layer to this already wonderful tale.

We kick off God Country #5 with a history lesson about the fall of the Kingdom of Always and the creation of Valofax. Giving us some much needed exposition as to why the sword is so important to some certain higher gods.

Attum sends his son down to our realm after Balegrim failed in his mission with the sole purpose of bringing back Valofax by any means necessary, what ensues is an epic battle for our would be hero Emmett. However once again the gods have underestimated Emmett and the power he wields. We round off the issue with Emmett making a somewhat world altering decision and bringing the war to the gods.

Cates brings us another great issue with some stellar dialogue and pushes the story at a rapid pace while building the world with some crafty talky talky panels. Once again right at the core of this story is the battle between Emmett and his family, this always seems to be where the story could live or die and usually pays off in a big big way… This time is no exception and makes the decision at the end of the book some what heartbreaking.

Shaw has nailed the grand epic-ness of this book with the bulk of the issue being a mass all out battle and the way he has drawn these panels truly makes you feel like the mere mortals in amongst it all.

Another stellar issue, its no secret I am a huge fan of this on-going and its obvious to me why they have to keep rushing these issues back to print. God Country #5 is a fantastic read and a bloody good time.

God Country #5 is out now from image Comics


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