24th Apr2017

More ‘Terrahawks’ coming in May!

by Phil Wheat

From the iconic creator of Thunderbirds, the THIRD volume of the classic British children’s sci-fi series Terrahawks is to be released on Blu-ray and DVD, courtesy of Network Distributing.

Gerry Anderson, the hugely influential creator of Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet, made a spectacular return to puppet animation in the early 1980s with an exciting new series co-created with Christopher Burr. Thrilling yet another generation of children and adults, Terrahawks introduced a new elite force to defend 21st century Earth against a host of alien invaders.

Led by the heroic Tiger Ninestein, the Terrahawks crew consists of Captain Mary Falconer, his acting second-in-command; fighter-pilot and former pop star Kate Kestrel; the poetically inclined Lieutenant Hiro; and Lt. Hawkeye – the gunner with computer-enhanced vision. Assisted by a legion of charismatic spherical robots known as the Zeroids, they battle a cabal of evil adversaries – none more terrifying than android crone Zelda, the would-be conqueror of all “Earth-Scum”!

Terrahawks: Vol 3 will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on 8th May 2017, RRP £19.99, courtesy of Network Distributing.

SPECIAL FEATURES (Standard Definition unless stated):

  • The Terrahawks Story documentary [HD]
  • SuperMacroMachinations with puppeteer Judy Preece [HD]
  • Why We Love Terrahawks [HD]
  • Making the Unexpected – extended archive Electric Theatre Show [HD]
  • S.O.S. music video
  • FX Trims [HD]
  • My Enemy’s Enemy audio episode
  • Image gallery
  • Script PDFs



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